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Global Input Buffer

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Hello, I hope everybody is doing great!

So I am trying to simulate a system that have different servers with different selection rules, all the customers wait in the same waiting area/queue. What I want is that all servers search in a global Input Buffer Queue (or Storage Queue) every time they are available and choose the entity based on their selection rule, or a process that send the entities to the their right destination whenever a server that can process them is available. I have attached a sample model less complicated than my system for what I want with further description of the objects, but it doesn't run properly at all, it is just for clarification.

The first challenge is that I want the selection rules of the servers to choose from the global input buffer not the input buffer queue of their own, I am not sure how to do that or if it is applicable.

The second challenge is that some servers have complicated selection rules (as shown in the sample model) I was able to represent these rules in a separate model by holding the entities at a node until the condition is met, but when I have multiple servers in some cases these entities can go to another server, so the rules conflicts with each others (unless we were able to integrate both rules together).

Also, having multiple stations or storage queues with different ranking rules for each server do not work because when the entity enters the queue it will get stuck there even if another server was available and able to serve it.

If you believe there is another way to represent the system with Simio I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you for your time :D


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Cant open your model as I have a commercial license but it sounds like a similar problem I had.

On the input buffer of each server, set the capacity = 0.

Also, instead of using a storage queue, try using a system like the attached.

You need to set the currenttravellercapacities of the paths feeding the servers to 0.

Now, when an entity arrives at the node, park the entity. This will transfer the entity to the nodes parking station.

Once capacity becomes available on a server, use a search block, based on any server's criteria to search the parking station for the correct entity.

Once found, you need to set the currenttravellercapacities of the path feeding the servers to 1 and unpark the entity found.

Unfortunately Simio does not have an ExitRankingRule for the queue.


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