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assign entity to a server.....how?

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Hello Simions :)

i'm trying to simulate an ICU room. attached is my small intensive care unit.

it consists of:

3 rooms (each room has 2 servers, which are a bed and couch)

1 waiting room (the waiting room has 1 server, which is a chair)

1 reception desk (desk has one server, which is a computer)

on the left side of the model enters the visitors (model entity).

on the right side of the model enters the patients on stretchers (model entity)

my question is:

how do i assign the visitor entity to go to a room that has a patient?

i want the visitor to go to the couch/bed server in the room once a patient is placed in the bed.

Currently, my problem is that the visitor will just randomly go into any room which sometimes doesn't even have a patient. So, i just need to know how do i assign a visitor to the couch once a patient is placed in the bed. Do i need to make some sort of table or state assignment?

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch!

sample project runs.spfx

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Cant open an academic model, but try investigating the routing group element, sequence tables and the setnode block.

Also note that an entity has a priority and sequence property that may be used in conjunction with the routing group element.


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hi mark, thanks.

after playing around with it, what i ended up doing for now is make a node list and assigning the entity to go through the list in "preferred order".

for visualization purposes this for now works, but i'm sure i'll have to tweak it a bit more to correctly simulate a visitor visiting a patient...

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