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Vertical movement with a Vehicle

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I would like to model a vehicle that moves vertically alongside racking and then enters a certain rack lane and transfers a pallet.

I saw the examples in the crane library and thought the lift properties would be what I am after.

Though I am struggling to sub class or build a new vehicle class which includes the lift functionality to be able to move vertically.

Please have a look at my model which includes the lift and also a normal vehicle.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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The nodes are already in vertical alignment and the transporter follows the path.

My problem is that the vehicle must visually move up without changing position. It must work like a lift going up or down. Similarly to mole racking. A car must transfer the pallets up to a rack lane and then drive into that particular lane.

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Okay, cant open your model but I will try to explain....

Insert a Node on the floor where the vehicle is at the bottom of the lift....pos A -> f(x|y|z) = f(0,0,0)...

Put an additional node at floor/Level 1...pos B -> f(x|y|z)=f(0,1,0)...


Option 1: connect with a path where along vehicle can travel; in the vertical....

Option 2 : use a transfer block to move transporter between nodes....

Every time you direct the transporter to the destination node which is pos B...it will travel horizontally to pos A and then vertically to pos B...

Use the shift->up key as a shortcut....This works....

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I have put the nodes vertically above each other, so i think the xyz values are already what they should be.

When the vehicle move up and down these nodes the vehicle changes to an upright position when traveling up to a rack/node. This however is not what i want.

What I want to achieve is to keep the vehicle in a flat position as if it is standing and only the height changes.

It then functions as Mole pallet vehicle

Am I missing something?

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I still need suggestions on the logic for a vehicle to travel upwards to a rack and also downwards.

Can this be done?

I am looking for similar functions to the crane library lift function but I struggle to implement this with a vehicle since the crane objects depend on each other.

Please assist or advise.

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