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Align and distribute add-in

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I always wanted an easy way to make my models look tidy.

One of our developers created this add-in which can align and evenly distribute nodes or objects added to a list.

I think usage is pretty easy and will help in building models with many nodes etc.

Feel free to use it as a early christmas gift from LOGIO.

SimioAlignAddon (2).rar


Would be nice if someone in SIMIO will integrate the code into standart product in future, so we can just select multiple objects and align with rightclick.



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Just a note, latest added list shows on the top of Node List Selection. So it is convenient to Add objects to node and immediately allign them.

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The general instructions to use any add-in are:

Download the (zip?) file and extract the dll file.

Right click DLL and select Properties and then Unblock.

Then, copy DLL into "C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions".

You might need to add the SimioUserExtensions folder under MyDocuments (C:\Users\\Documents) if it does not already exist.

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