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how to change the entity when being processed at server..

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Hi everyone,

i'm working on a model similar to the emergency room sample provided by simio.

my question is:

they show a patient (entity) walking to the bed (server) and when it gets to the bed the entity (patient) changes from walking to lying down on the bed.

How is that done? i'm looking around and can't figure out what setting i need to change to make this happen on my model.

i have simio version 5.91.10320 (32 bit).

any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks a bunch! :)

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Depending on the software version you are using it is either a bit kludgy or very easy. The easy approach is to use the new animated symbols (e.g. Library\People\Animated\Male). A few of these symbols have a prone pose that could be used by assigning ModelEntity.Animation to the selected value. After placing an animated symbol right click on it and select List Animations of Active Symbol to see the available animations.

If you have older software or cannot find the animation you need, then you need to find or create your own symbol or use the Symbols panel on the Project Window to copy the ones from that example (e.g., BedWithMan and ManLyingDown).

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hi all thanks for the suggestions. the above wont work in my case because i'm doing a simulation of the patient arriving on a stretcher.

so, i can't use an animated male/woman walking as the patient would be an ICU patient arriving on a bed or stretcher.

So, basically i have an entity (patient on bed) that arrives at a patient room to a server that is alredy in the room. the server is the standard hospital bed from the pull down menu. i want to show the patient lying down on the (server bed) while being processed then when done the entity, symbolized by the patient on stretcher, leaves the room.

any ideas on how to achieve this?

is there a way to manipulate the server bed from the pull down menu to show an animation of a patient lying down while being processed?

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Joyceamador, from your description both of the above suggestions sound like they should work to me... put the server's queue on the bed, and either use the animated person animation 'prone', or manipulate the queue so the patient looks like they're lying down. If your entity has a symbol of both stretcher/patient, you will have to change the symbol so it is only a patient. However, you could use separate entities for the stretcher and the patient, and using a combiner to place the patient on the stretcher.

I've attached a model which uses stretchers and patients and has them 'lying' down as an example.

Maybe it would be easier if you posted your model (or a sample of it)...


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Hi everyone, thanks for your help :)

unfortunately, Asagan, i couldn't open up your file. when trying to open the file it states that it may have been created using a newer version.

but what i ended up doing, after watching the animation tutorial, was use command "add additional symbol" and downloaded a symbol from 3d warehouse that has a patient lying in the bed.

this way when the bed is not occupied it shows the standard simio bed symbol, which is the empy bed, that is in the pull down menu, but once a patient is being processed at the bed it goes to the 2nd symbol which shows a patient in the bed :)

thanks everyone, all the comments and suggestions helped me get the gears in my head going. thanks again....i'm excited to make progress on this model :D

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