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Model speed for high speed processing lines

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I am currently testing SIMIO's capability to model high speed processing lines, with regards to execution speed. I am encountering some interesting results.

When running at a linespeed of 400 units/min, I have run my model in both fast forward animation mode, and experiment mode. Here are the results:

Fast forward animation mode: Model runs 450 times faster than real time

Experimentation mode: Model runs 520 times faster than real time

I am extremely pleased with these initial results, as the Fast Forward Animation allows me to quickly go to the point in time I am interested in, and then pause and animate from there onwards!

I am curious though why in experimentation mode, the model does not go a lot faster. It runs a bit faster, but I was expecting more compared to the other!

These initial results however are quite promising!

Keep up the good work!

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