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entity wait time

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Is there such thing as ModelEntity.WaitTime available? I can get a path1.TimeOnLink.average, but I don't quite think that's what I'm looking for.

What I want to do is to have a statistic show up in my floor label that shows the number of entities that waited 0.25 hours (i.e. 15 mins) or less. I thought I could do this by creating a process where once my entities enter a transfer node, I would check the time spent on the path, check to see if <= 15 mins and if so, increment my counter. I thought I could have a decide step in my process and I would set the condition ModelEntity.WaitTime <= 0.25, but there isn't a WaitTime. Do I need to create any states? Is this the correct approach?

in pseudocode:

for each entity going through my transfer node:

if ModelEntity.WaitTime <= 0.25 then count=count+1;

else do nothing



I want to display stat in my floor label. Any ideas or Simbits I can direct myself to?

My model is attached.




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