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New Software Release

Our latest release, Simio 11, is here!


Translators Wanted - Please Help

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The Simio product and its documentation is obviously created in English but we would like to expand that availability.


As of this writing (April 2013) the Simio software is currently available in English and German. But the software has been designed from the start to be translatable. In fact we can quickly create a Google translation in any language, but unfortunately while that can be a good start of a translation, it's accuracy is not good enough to serve as a finished product. So we are looking for any volunteers who would like to see Simio in their native language.


We currently have book translations in Spanish (both books), Portuguese, Mongolian, and Italian. We are looking for additional translations and the translator(s) will be acknowledged as co-authors on the translated edition. Royalties will also be shared, but given the relatively small quantities and low book price your motivation should probably be mainly "fame and glory". :)

Training and Other Materials

Volunteers have also translated selected training and other supporting materials. We are always anxious to have this type of user participation to help the broader community. Existing and new materials will be available in this forum.

Software Features

A few features have been added to the software to make it easier to use in other cultures. One such feature is a setting to control the separator character used in CSV files which now defaults to your systems culture setting. Please let us know if additional such features are necessary.

If you or your team are interested in helping with any of the above, please contact me directly. (dsturrock@simio.com)

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We are looking for someone (or a group) who is interested in translating the Simio software to Spanish. We will supply you with a translation tool and the files containing the English, context, and a (probably poor) Google translation of it.

Please contact me directly if you are interested.

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