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Selecting the server with the max score

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In my model, there is a transfer node that is connected to 6 servers. One of the servers (out of 6) should be selected to route the entity through it. A random score between 0 and 1 is assigned to each server and the server with the highest score will be selected to process the entity. How should I implement this routing logic in the transfer node ?


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The Simbit "Select server with shortest line" might be what you're looking for.

Create a list that contains the possible input nodes and set the transfernode destination type to "Select from List".

Selection Goal: "Largest value" ("Random" if the score is always random and just a means to select a random server every time)

Selection Expression: Depends on where the score information is stored, maybe "Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.score"

Another way would be to set the destination beforehand.

For example, if the entities come from a source, you could add an add-on process trigger @ "Created Entity" which calls a routing process that you can define. The process would determine or at least read out the random scores and set the entity destination accordingly, using the "Set Node" step. The transfer node could then be set to Entity Destination Type = "Continue".

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