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Shipping & Receiving && Material Handling Simulation

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Hey all,

I am a novice Simio user who is desiring to get the ball rolling on some real-world applications of this software. I am desiring to correctly & sufficiently simulate arriving inbound truckloads of material, exporting outbound finished product, and also the material handling process that organizes material & finished product in inventory. All of this would be focused on this 1 plant. Any help/direction for my situation described below will be invaluable to me.

Special Case Info:

-Arrival truckloads are tentatively scheduled a few days in advance. Empty exporting finished product trucks are tentatively scheduled for loading a few days in advance as well. I know I would probably utilize some kind of Table to simulate these occurences. I would want there to be variability in inbound&outbound truck arrivals to the plant.

-The material handling process is done by operators on forklifts (I know a specialized intelligent object Vehicle would be used to simulate a forklift)

-I am wanting to simulate the actual process of unloading and loading trucks (i.e., it initially takes a shorter period of time to unload a material truck... but towards the finishing of a truck the forklift has to go a farther distance to transport material)

-Most material comes in on pallets

-Most trucks can hold stacks of 1-2 pallets of material side-by-side (by a length of 11 pallets long)... for a capable volume of 44ish pallets per truck

(Furthest inside trailer) Trailer Top View....................(Tail Bumper)


|*____ (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((| Truck Dock

|*|Pal|... x11 ...((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((|



|*|Pal|... x11 ...(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((|



-Forklifts can transfer 1-2 pallets of material/finished product

-Probably need to create intelligent Priority ranking for where to physically store individual pallets in inventoy

-Able to stack pallets 2/3 high (depends on material) in inventory

My Progress:

-I have correctly uploaded and scaled my plant layout image

-I have looked at the ManufacturingAssembly.spfx example and think that will help. But, more specialized guidance would be fantastic!

-Also, I have lsearched the forums for S&R/Material Handling posts

I know I will need to create multiple Processes to correctly simulate the different types of material arriving on inbound trucks.

I am wanting to tackle this process in a top-down approach. Try to hit the main aspects of this whole simulation first... and then add more detail later on.

If anyone could give me any guided direction/help that would be much appreciated. :D

Thank you!

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Just a tip from briefly reading your description:

You will want to look at some of the SimBits around entities getting transported by transporters. In general I advise just looking at each SimBit as regardless of name, there are some interesting concepts/techniques that will apply regardless of the scenario you are trying to simulate.

I will dig out the SimBit names when my model stops running. =P

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Some SimBits that may be relevant.

Pick Up Drop Off Flow <- flow related, i.e. liquids

Appointment Arrivals

Moveable Operator

Using A Storage Queue

Seizing Vehicle

Vehicle Finishes And Parks When Off Shift

The two most relevant SimBit sections will probably be:


Schedules / Changeovers

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Those SimBits helped!

However, I am running into a repeated issue of routing my vehicle from one node through many other nodes to store an entity in a transfer nodes parking station.

I am desiring to simulate inventory realistically. Let me know if I am on the right track.

This small scale .spfx example resembles my issue in my model. What happens is:

1) I required that TransferNode1 be set True the Ride On Transporter option

2) Vehicle is able to come and pick up a Model Entity. Add-On Process requests that the vehicle be Moved to TransferNode7 (upper-most node)... ***which means moving through other nodes to get there. Wanting to utilize Shortest Path in simulating the Vehicle.

3) Vehicle-object staggers at TransferNode2

4) Entity 'shoots' off vehicle at TransferNode2 and travels throughout Paths (Path2, Path3, Path4, etc.)

5) Vehicle is able to continue moving to TransferNode7

6) Model stops running because the Transfer step is failing (No error message though).

If anyone can give some insight into this issue I would be much grateful! Since I typed up this post quickly, if there are any clarification answers necessary just ask!

Attached is my VehicleInventoryProblem.spfx file.

Thank you!


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Thing with transporters is you have to understand the OnVisitingNode process...

If you want to make use of transporters the way you want to...rewrite the OnVisitingNode process logic. It executes each time a transporter enters a node...

You can then make use of SetNode...Keep in mind that you need to understand that the entities carried by the transporter also have destination nodes...

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