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"opening" servers in a specific order and outputting stats

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Good morning,

I currently have 10 servers processing entities from 2 sources.

Now I want to start by having only 3 servers processing, but when a I get a queue of 20 on Path1, then I want to open another server. Essentially, I want to have a certain number of servers opening based on my entities arriving (I'm using a rate table) and queuing up, but then closing once there is no more demand for the servers, like the checkout lines at grocery stores.

I would also like to see my average wait time and average number of entities on my Path1 queue in an output table for each 15 minute interval. I read up on the SimBits TallyStatisticsInTable but this shows only the final results when the model has finished its run and WritingToAFile but I was unable to actually see the new file created (I don't actually need to write out to a file, I just need to see the results in a table). I suppose I need to use State Statistic?

Thanks again.



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The SimBit "HourlyStatistic" illustrates how to collect periodic statistics.

The attached model uses that same technique and uses the value for the last quarter hour to determine if any servers should be added or removed by simply adjusting their current capacity.

To keep it simple I did not deal with preemption in this model, so you may see entities get temporarily 'stuck' when a server is taken offline while busy.


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