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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I have a vehicle that moves through several servers, one of which is 'LunchBreak;' however, when running the model, the vehicle parks at LunchBreak and the people do not get off and nothing more happens the entire run. Thoughts as to why it gets stuck here?
  2. Hi - 2 questions: 1. My model has people coming on shift, being transported to various locations, and then ending their shift at the sink near the source. However, I need them to get picked up and have ALL cycled through the lunch break server. Right now, out of the 35 people on shift, only 1 person got lunch, and only 6 people had their end of shift. How do I constrain the server to ensure the vehicle drops everyone at the lunch server and then the EndOfShift? 2. I would like to model 2, 12-hour shifts (each with the 35 people). I need all 35 to show up at the same time. This is my
  3. I have a series of gated processes that are defined in a sequence table. Occasionally sequential gates will use the same server. In our process, the entity doesn't actually move out of the server, but in Simio the entity has to exit the server and re-enter. What winds up happening is that if another entity is queuing for that server, it will enter first during the approximately 2 seconds it takes for the entity to travel from the output node to the input node , causing the entity that was in the server to queue. I would like the entity to stay in the server through multiple gates, accord
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