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  1. I have a source server and sink model. The server is working on a particular work schedule. Which includes off shift on weekends. I need the source to stop the enitity arrival on weekends. Please help on achieving the situation.
  2. Hi Alen, There are probably a number of different ways of doing this. One approach I could suggest: Create a Pattern Based Work Schedule (Data -> Work Schedules) Add Work Period Exceptions to the Work Schedule (to capture public holidays, etc.) Create an Add-On Process Trigger in your Source Object on the "Creating Entities" trigger In the process logic use a decide module to evaluate whether the value of the Work Schedule for TimeNow is equal to zero If zero destroy the associated object (the entity that would have been created). Hope thi
  3. First of all you would need to assign acidic percentage and base percentage to the entity. once that is done, in the process tab you can use decide step and add conditions like, if model.entity.acid<=10&& model.entity.base<=20 true set node to server 1/2(i am just taking a example and considering acid as a state assigned to entity) else set node to 3/10 . u can add a transfer node after the source generates the entity and the above decide condition as the entity enters the transfer node. I hope that helps. Regards, Unmesh
  4. Hi, I modelled a system in which vehicles transport containers from the sources (quay side of a container terminal) to the sink (stack of the container terminals). The vehicles wait at a parking place for a container to enter, then the vehicles carry the containers, drop them off and drive back to their parking place. This system works so far. However, now I want to add fuel consumption of the vehicles. Each vehicle has a tank which can carry 1200 Liters diesel and each meter the vehicle drives it uses 0.0025 Liters of Diesel. How can I add this to the vehicles? Also, if the D
  5. Hello Forum I'm trying to simulate a Painitng Plant, but ran into some trouble regading the Source Generator (WoodParts). The Source Generator is supposed to stop generating entities, when the Combiner (HooksOperation) is out of function. When the HooksOperation is "repaired" and up running again is the Source Generator suppose to start up again. How do I fix this? Picture and model is attacthed. Thanks B.R. Thomas MalerAnlag.spfx
  6. I set InputBuffer Capacity to 0, but when I run the simulation, I see one entity is on the server for processing and one entity is waiting in front of the server (when the server gets busy). I expected not to see any entity in front of the server because I set the InputBuffer Capacity to 0. Do I have incorrect understanding of InputBuffer Capacity? For your reference, my goal is to implement M/M/3, so all the waiting entities should be in a waiting line and only the entities being served are with the servers. If there is a sample Simio project for M/M/3, that would be great!
  7. This is a pre-release (Beta) version of a library that we expect will become a formal part of Simio. The Extras Library contains: --a simplified and easier to use version of our Cranes library --an Elevator object for modeling a multi-floor single elevator or bank of elevators. --Lift Truck with a lifting mechanism that travels to a specified height --Rack object to store entities at customizable heights --Multi-axis Robot object that picks and places with automatic path calculation The documentation and SimBits are only preliminary, but we hope it is enough so you can di
  8. Hey!! I have container entities that are waiting to enter a filler. I need (for visualization and logical purposes) the allow passing property of the paths be FALSE, but, when I do this, I can't find the expression that returns the number of container entities waiting on the path to get inside the input buffer of the filler. I am attaching a picture that will clarify the problem. In this scenario, I need an expression that returns 4. I have tried many expressions and none seem to work. Does anybody know how to achieve this? Thank you very much!
  9. I have a model with several vehicles transporting different amount of entities. I would like to know the average amount of entities a vehicle transports during one tour. So there is only one TransferNode where the vehicles can load the entities and then they start to their tour and come back to the TransferNode. The best way would be to know the amount of entities a vehicles loads on average on this TransferNode.I need the average value for each vehicle measured over the whole simulation run. But i have no idea how to do that. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you very much.
  10. I have a model where I have 7(seven) entities and for each entity there are many possibilities paths. Is possible an entity be programmed with multiple sequences tables? For example, the entity can go to source -> server1 -> sink, and also randomly it can go to source -> server2-> sink, something like that.
  11. Hi All, is there a way to make the server waiting for two (or any defined number) entities to begin the processing? I would like the server to begin processing only when two entities has arrived. Then the two entities leaves the server at the same time, and other two begin being processed. Can I do it without defining a process?
  12. How do I access a table column by name using a table property defined for the model? In my model, I have multiple data tables each with the same named columns defined for each. Each table has a different number of rows. For a run or a set of replications, I want to select a table to use. I have defined a model-level table property named _SelectedTable to support this. During simulation runs, I want to access this selected table's data by row and column name. Specifically, I want to use this data to update model entity state variables. I also want to stop creating entities when all of t
  13. I am very new to simio and need to create a model for a class. My problem statement is based on services provided by a cafetería. I have 3 types of clients, with their respective proportions. Additionally, each client has their own sequence. I have already made a data table with the proportions and a sequence table for each client. After the clients finish their sequence, every client goes to the same sink (which represents the cashier). What I don't know how to do is show how that sink can provide two types of services: credit cards and cash. On top of that, the credit card service mu
  14. Hi I want my simulation to start with some entities at the output node of a server. Is that possible? Thanks in advance Janus
  15. Hi I need reference to some sort of property that can help me store entities in my transfer node(shelf). I have used the Park property but then I am not sure on how I can release it when the transporter is told to arrive at the transfer node(shelf) to pick up certain of those parked entities. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  16. Hello, I have to create a simulation of a manufacturing system which packages spices in cans, and as I am new to simio, I am having a hard time making the model customized to fit the real system. Firstly, I have created 6 different types of entities, which right now processes in random order, by using a rate table for the source. I would like to process these in batches of fixed sizes, but the order can still be random. Secondly, the changeover times are an important part of the model, as we are going to analyze how to reduce them. I defined categories of entities by a list of
  17. Hello, I have a Arrival Table, but I only want to create Entities of a specific part of the Table based on a property. IntCol Entity 0 A 0 C 1 B 1 c So, the source should create all entities with a certain integer in column 'IntCol'. The integer value is assigned by a referenced property that I can experiment with different parts of the ArrivalTable For example: If Property == 0 , create only A and C in the source. How can I do that? All the best
  18. Hi all, I am working on a building evacuation project through Simio. I want to know how can I block a sink object, so entities can not exit through that sink. I also need to know if I can somehow define this situation in referenced property under Experiment and try different scenarios. For example in each scenario I block one of the exits and monitor the number exited (survivors) or evacuation time. My other problem is simulating fire with different rates and interaction of it with the entities, as when they see fire they avoid running toward that direction and change the route.
  19. Hi! I would like to use a Create Step and create, e.g. two entities. But when I'll create them, i want to assign different state values, e.g. Entity1: 20 and Entity2: 50. Therefore, is there a way to assign different values to the entities?
  20. Dear all, it seems I have the same issue with multiple entities and requirements for multiple paths in the sequence table. I would be very happy to have the solution shared with me. Kind regards, Harald
  21. I'm currently creating a model of my local public transportation system. I have calculated the arrival rates for entities in 30 minute intervals (the arrival rate will change every 30 minutes). Is it possible to create a schedule that allows the source block to change the entity creation rate every 30 minutes? I would also like to create a different disembarkment percentage for each station (sink) to unload passengers based off my collected data. Is it possible to allow the "Entity Destination Type" to assign a percentage to each entity designating which stop it will get off i.e. 50% to g
  22. Hey everyone, I'm having some troubles with my model. I'm using the create step in a process to create entities different from the original one. The thing is, I need to assign the state variables from the original entity to the new entities, but since the those are attached to the original entity, when I use an assign step on the created entities, I am not able to do that. Is there any expression to get the state variables from the original entity, or any other way to do it?
  23. Hi everyone!! I hope this message finds you well and healthy! I am trying to assign a state value to the flow entities inside my tank. Each time the tank gets refilled, this state must be changed. I have tried MyTank.RefillEntityType.name_of_the_state but this doesn't seem to work. Anyone has an idea on how to do this? Thank you very much!!!
  24. Hi everyone!! I hope this message finds you well and healthy! I am trying to assign a state value to the flow entities inside my tank. Each time the tank gets refilled, this state must be changed. I have tried MyTank.RefillEntityType.name_of_the_state but this doesn't seem to work. Anyone has an idea on how to do this? Thank you very much!!!
  25. I am trying to model a repair process. A major part of this process is the time to get the tools from their storage locations to the machine that needs repair. My thought was to have the tools be modeled as entities that a fork lift or worker has to go grab and bring back to the server. The problem is I need to wait for all those entities to be there before the server can start to process. Then I want to destroy the entities because they aren't actually being processed (only 1 entity would be processed as a representation). Does anyone have a suggestion on how this might be accomplis
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