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  1. Hello, I am modelling a warehouse cylinder picking process where a forklift receives a trigger to transport cylinders under 3 cases: 1) when a pallet is empty and needs to be replenished 2) when an order (pallet) is ready and needs to be transported to the truck 3) when a forklift needs to first pickup a number of cylinders, transfer them to another pallet (server) and then bring a new set of cylinders to the initial pallet Items 1) and 2) work ok, but I have an issue trying to make 3) work. In the image above, the forklift needs to first go in locat
  2. Hi , i am a trying to import CAD Models to replace default server and source. but the models being heavy simio is crashing. Please suggest any lighter specified format to which CAD models can be converted and imported to simio. Thanks, Alen
  3. First of all you would need to assign acidic percentage and base percentage to the entity. once that is done, in the process tab you can use decide step and add conditions like, if model.entity.acid<=10&& model.entity.base<=20 true set node to server 1/2(i am just taking a example and considering acid as a state assigned to entity) else set node to 3/10 . u can add a transfer node after the source generates the entity and the above decide condition as the entity enters the transfer node. I hope that helps. Regards, Unmesh
  4. I'm a newbie to Simio and any help in this regard would be appreciated. I'm trying to simulate a situation where a server can be selected only if the incoming input satisfies a few condtions. Ex: Choose amongst Server 1, server 2 and Server 3 if the input entity has 10% acid and 20% base; Choose amongst Server 1, Server 3 and Server 10 if the input entity has 30% acid and 40% base and so on. Kindly guide me through this.
  5. I have a source server and sink model. The server is working on a particular work schedule. Which includes off shift on weekends. I need the source to stop the enitity arrival on weekends. Please help on achieving the situation.
  6. The SkyBox icon on the View Ribbon opens a library of static and dynamic scenes that can be placed in the 3D animation. Dynamic scenery includes several options for clouds that move with the animation as the model runs. Typically, the Speed Factor should be set to 5 - 10 or greater to see movement. Static skybox options include many indoor and outdoor scenes. Indoor applications include adding building walls to surround your model. The 'None' option will remove any existing skybox. Users can create their own SkyBoxes as well. The “library” skyboxes are simply *.zip files with images inside the
  7. Hi, I modelled a system in which vehicles transport containers from the sources (quay side of a container terminal) to the sink (stack of the container terminals). The vehicles wait at a parking place for a container to enter, then the vehicles carry the containers, drop them off and drive back to their parking place. This system works so far. However, now I want to add fuel consumption of the vehicles. Each vehicle has a tank which can carry 1200 Liters diesel and each meter the vehicle drives it uses 0.0025 Liters of Diesel. How can I add this to the vehicles? Also, if the D
  8. I found that the extra one was the entity in the path from the source to the server.
  9. You are correct that it will keep the resource seized until after the delay. A work around would be to subclass the server and change the PerformProcessingTask. All you would need to do is move the execute task to after the release, then it should release the resource and then do the execute (Your Add-on process).
  10. Assuming you are are using the prebuilt task sequencing logic in the server you could just add an add-on-process either after the predecessor task or before the successor task that delays for the given amount of time. If you are using a table to read these tasks add a column for the delay, make a model level process with a delay value of TaskTable.Delay. Then reference this process in the Before starting task or after completing task of the task sequence.
  11. I set InputBuffer Capacity to 0, but when I run the simulation, I see one entity is on the server for processing and one entity is waiting in front of the server (when the server gets busy). I expected not to see any entity in front of the server because I set the InputBuffer Capacity to 0. Do I have incorrect understanding of InputBuffer Capacity? For your reference, my goal is to implement M/M/3, so all the waiting entities should be in a waiting line and only the entities being served are with the servers. If there is a sample Simio project for M/M/3, that would be great!
  12. Match Condition vs Search Expression? For example, you have a autmobile (let's say , Nissan), which is broken down, we need to send it to a service center to repair. let's say ,that each service centers(Server) can only repair one car type. so Match condition: I only need one candidate that match my requirement, for example I need a service center who can repair my Nissan Car. Candidate.RepairCenter.Server.CarType=Nissan Search Expression: if there are a few service centers that can repair my Nissan car, I need the one with the smallest distance from me... Mo
  13. Fernando, I'm curious as to whether you and Glenn ever resolved these issues... It's been over 3 years at this point. For what it's worth, I searched for MS-SQL connection string and found this site with various examples: https://www.connectionstrings.com/sql-server/ I'm assuming and hopeful that you did resolve your issue. Thus, I want to ask some follow up questions. Once you connected, how did you did you pull data from your database--did you use an add-on process or did you import it into a table? If you used a table, how did you construct our SQL query? Ryan
  14. Hi, I've used the Secondary Ressources in my model to seize a Worker on a Server. The OffShift rule I selected is Suspend Processing. If the Worker goes Offshift while he's moving to its next reservation, Simio bugs and the message I get is: Unable to get value of property 'Suspend.SuspendActions.SuspendActionsTokenMatchCondition'. Referenced definition type 'Entity' does not match executing type 'Token' Is there any way I can fix this? Thank you, Maude
  15. Hey Forum I have struggled a bit with creating a model that can handle batched parts not at the time. At the company i'm currently working in are they putting units on a trolleys and transports them it from workstation to workstation. But they can only handle one batch at the time, and when they are finish with the batch (eg. 10 units) they send it further, and begin with the next batch in line. This is what i need help to program in simio. I have created a simple model for this experiment with 2 sources, 1 combiner, 1 separator, 1 server and 1 sink. I then would like the sep
  16. Hi Everybody, I'm working on an Airport project with Simio, I'm currently having troubles on some links because when there is a collision, the Path Process OnCollide execute assigning a Movement.Rate of 0, but once there are no entities ahead, the Path Process OnCollisionCleared doesn't execute making the entity staying on the link and blocking the simulation. here is an example: There are two links A and B, the link A has a Capacity of 1 (Image 1) , when an entity wait on the link A, the entity that arrive on lin B detects a collision so it execute the process OnCollide assigning a
  17. Hi All,


    I am trying to look as to how can we create experiments with various schedules in the SIMIO experiment tab.

    Currently I am not using RPS version.

    I have created a schedules for various servers using Simio process logic and schedule table for each server.  I am able to run one schedule and see the resulting performance, but it would be interesting to see how the changes to the sequence of orders changes the performance.  How could I set up experiments to make changes to the sequences in the tables?

  18. Is there a way to keep them in the loop until the transport arrives, there will never be a point where they are done with the loop until the transport gets there. Right now if they are in the loop I can assign them a modelentity state variable (boolean), then when a vehicle arrives it initiates a process that has a search step with the search condition modelentity.BooleanStateVariable==1 with a return limit of the capacity of the vehicle. the found entities must either interrupt the task or process they are currently doing depending on where they are in the loop and be moved by a worker to th
  19. Hi gocken, Thank you for your reply and your attention to this problem! The current method that adds a breakpoint after 'CallMATLAB' function works in my project. Before Simio runs MATLAB, Simio will send out needed data to SQL server and then call MATLAB function. MATLAB receives the data through the database, implements the algorithm, and writes the data into the database. The Simio program pauses at the step that Simio reads the MATLAB results from the database. I have validated the .dll file with a simple MATLAB program that plays a music file and it works. Because the Simio
  20. Hi, jdoran I have the same problematic as you. I looked at the model presented by DanSpice but my problem is that the Server seizing my Worker is located in a submodel. Did you manage to fix this issue? Thank you, Maude
  21. Other questions: What expression would tell the worker to ALWAYS transport two entities? I want my workers to finish all server runs before going on lunch break or end of shift. Entities will never be unattended nor will workers be interrupted to restart server time later. What's a good solution for that?
  22. I found the answer to the first part of my question however I have not found a solution to the second part and am getting an error reading "Unable to get value of property server.ProcessingTasks.TaskSequenceNumber.
  23. I am interested in using task sequencing reading from a data table to solve my issues with multiple tasks being done by different workers at the same time and task precedence. After looking at the simbit related to it (TaskSequenceandWorker) I did not see a way to add probabilistic and conditional columns like when it is done directly into the server. Also is there a way to have a column for entity types and have it only reference rows that are assigned to them.
  24. Hi all, how would you approach this model? Workers are transporters and must be present at the servers to supervise each step. For now I have one worker and am using a personal edition of Simio. Server1 is an observation microscope where entities pass through a survey step. Server2 is a robot dispensing glue that has a finite window of appropriate elasticity after mixing. I started my model with a version very similar to the MoveableOperator where my worker goes back and forth between two servers running 6 entities individually before switching... six being the number of entities we belie
  25. ~Created 4 entities of the same type-- let's call them EntBB-- with a run initialized process. Had them transferred into a server-- let's call it SrvBB-- output buffer. ~Worker goes and picks up one of those entities and takes to transfer node-- let's call it nBBRouter-- where that particular entity that the worker is carrying should be destroyed. nBBRouter_Entered Process Destroy step: specific object: EntBB[1] SetNode step: specific: Input@Sink1: specific object: Worker1 My problem: the first time around does what I want, but the second time around it
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