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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All This has probably never really come up for most of you, but is there a way of using a button to open an external file (like a PDF)? I just want the system to open a reference document from within a simulation. It's ok (actually preferable) for the file to open outside Simio; it just makes for a good contact to relevant supporting information. Thanks
  2. Is there a way to open (import) two or more Models into a new Model (for example I will do a queuing with check-in counter in airport terminal, and use this model multiple times into different projects), the idea is instead of creating on big model, to create small models and combine them to create final model, and also those small models will be easy to use an modify for future projects. Thanks in advance for your help Arben
  3. I know this is going to be a noob question, but is it possible to force a vehicle to perform tasks in an order dictated by priority? I have SeizeRequests with a MovementPriority of 1, and ResourcePickups with entity priorities > 1. How can I get the vehicle to ALWAYS perform the pickups in preference to the seizerequests?
  4. I have been on and off using Simio Enterprise for the last month (approximately). I have not made much headway in terms of tapping into the vast array of new features Enterprise offers. Are there any extra examples of things I can do with this tool, particularly in relation to the Gantt chart? We are very interested in seeing our processes mapped to the Gantt chart, but have hit a dead-end at every turn. I can see from the one example provided (that I could find, which also happened to be the one from the webinar), that it is possible to model a manufacturing process that has a set a
  5. I may be missing something, but is it possible to write out in a tab delimetered form? The only option seems to be ',' (default), and any form that does not involve tabs (makes you skip to next field when you try to enter it in the Format property).
  6. This is something I have heard others talk about, but never actually got working for myself. Is it possible to reference a file with a dynamic name? I want to write out to a csv file during simulation runs, but the write originates from a submodel. This means that it is called multiple times, meaning that only one of my sub models actually gets to write. What is the easiest way to over come this? And yes, the write must originate from the sub-model.
  7. This is something I have been meaning to implement for a while, and now have finally decided it needs to be done. I have a submodel, and due to the limitations of the software can't transfer it into the submodel and keep the model clean. I followed advice posted here, and have made the submodel seize the worker and send it to a node in the higher level model... while the submodel is in progress. Is there a nice efficient way to have the worker/vehicle (vehicles are the new worker in terms of having all the functionality i require) able to interrupt the submodel and either remember wh
  8. I'm trying to use vehicles to move entities around very, very large models, that I am breaking up into other submodels. My desired approach is to have vehicles transfer into the submodels while transporting entities and move through the submodel, both along paths and through other fixed objects and stations. I can't for the life of my figure out how to get this working... Anyone have any ideas? I've attached an example model. This model has a some objects set up in my desired structure, as well as some objects set up with my desired behaviour but not using any submodels. Vehicle
  9. Is it possible to have a seize request time out? If so, how? Right now, I have a pool of workers and the servers which assign tasks by seizing a free member of the pool. For some reason, when most of the workers go on break, the servers all seize the one working worker and gives it a very long seize queue. This leaves the rest of the workers idle when they get back onshift, until that one hero worker finishes his queue. Perhaps what I need is some kind of central seize queue, where the workers can choose the highest priority seize request, instead of each having their own queue?
  10. Is it possible to move or spawn a node at a new (X, Y, Z)? I have to modeling scenario where the path changes each pass (the path becomes steeper or shallower). The only two possible ways of tackling this, that I can see, is to be able to move the node, or destroy it and create another in the correct position. EDIT: I can see that it is possible to spawn Objects (seemingly exclusive to Vehicles and Workers) at new positions, and possibly even to move them, using the Object.Movement.X etc property... even though I would have thought it was the Object.Location property that contro
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