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  1. Unfortunately I cannot open Academic licenses but from what you wrote you are comparing your list reference rpSynchroStation to a name and thus get a mismatch comparing reference to a string. To solve it you need to search through your list to actually get the name. I do not know how the model is set up, but if you need to do a multi-level search (for every output node search through the list), you need two searches after each other. Mind that if there are a lot of elements in these searches, and if you execute it often, you might get performance issues.
  2. At the end of the run you can open up the watch window and everything you need should be available there. You can select all objects you want to display (click, ctrl-click,...) then right-click and select Watch. TIP: If you have a large model and want to select all objects of a given type, you can open up the Properties Window (either on Project Home ribbon or right click on an object), display all the objects of that type, and hit Ctrl-A to select them all. Then right-click in facility window on any one selected and select Watch.
  3. hi Glenn, I am having a trouble with Connection String. I use MS-SQL Server and I define my connection string as " Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=db_projectReport; User Id=sa; Password=aaa " Since I did not get the whole definitions of Simbit DBReadWrite example's connection string which is "Server=localhost; Port=3306; Database=world; Uid=root; Pwd=root" , I do not know exactly what I need to define in my Connection String. Maybe I need to install something similar "MySQL connector" to make a connection between Simio and MS-SQL Server. My error is "A runtime error was d
  4. Thanks Gochen for your reply. I really appreciate it. I just rechecked your model but still giving me 10 jobs some of them are duplicated which does not represent 10 different entities (jobs). Anyway, I am going to keep looking for an elegant way to do it based on your hits. Now, let me explain the next step; since the source problem is solved (at least temporary), now I am going to tackle the server and resource objects. I have 10 different jobs waiting to be processed in front of the first sever in the shop. The server cannot process them without resource such as tool, worker, etc...Each
  5. I cannot open files with academic license but can help with the problem: First of all, do not set the interarrival time to 0, that is dangerous, use entities per arrival to have more than one at the same time. If you set a row on Before Creating Entities, you will get the same row for all entities per arrival. Instead, you should assign jobs On Created Entity, once you already have them. Then you can assign the values to entity states and go forward with processing. For the target, make a queue (storage element) minimizing the processing time and always take the first element.
  6. Cant open the model (please next time tell us that you use academic version). But from my experience this Error is caused by entity haven't end its transfer step. If you use transfer into station you must create proces mystation_entered triggered by mystation_entered_event and place EndTransfer step there. Otherwise entity hangs in WaitingFor transfer state. The other possibility is that another process is already dealing with this entity and is transfering it. This sometimes happen if you search queue or station for entities and try to transfer them. If you don't check carefully
  7. I cannot open your model. Please mention that you are using academic license in the future. I do not think there is a good SimBit showing interactions among multiple vehicles. I would strongly advise against that, as you need a node every time (precisely knowing where it happens!) and animation would not look nice. However, what is the purpose of the simulation then, if you know your progress exactly? If you want to show nicely the progress of the works even when you make different progress on various days I suggest doing everything in freespace. This will work only if you accept straigh
  8. Simio freezing when the file size is large is a common issue. I hope you are running the 64bit version as it handles that better. I do not know how the number of control variables or needed replications (rather low for the number of inputs imho) is to influence your issue. It is rather heavy symbols, CAD drawings etc. In my experience closing Simio altogether, not just the model, (which cleans temporary files) and then re-opening it anew works best. Mind that Referenced Property (best use Expression Property in object classes) can have a default value and even if it returns an error i
  9. Hi All I like to see the models uploaded in user forum. But many of these are done using student edition. Whenever I try to open these the following msg comes up. How can I see the student version model in other edition of Simio? Any suggestion will be much appreciated Regards Sazzad
  10. Attached is an add-in that will append data from a CSV file into a Simio Table. Both the DLL and code are provided. To run with the DLL, complete the following steps: 1. Download AppendTablesDLL.zip and extract AppendTables.dll. 2. Right click DLL and unblock. 3. Place DLL into C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions 4. Open Simio and create New Model 5. Select "Data" tab and run "Add Scheduling List and Tables" button under the Scheduling group....This will create 7 scheduling tables. 6. Next, select the "Append Tables" button under the Scheduling group...When prompted,
  11. Hi, Check out the appointment arrivals Simbit. Sorry would have looked at your model, but I cant open models built on academic licences.
  12. Hi all, I was trying to modify my Simio model by using xml format, that is, I saved my model in XML format and edited it in Visual Studio. However, when I tried to open the xml file via Simio, it pops out an error message saying "XML contents not verified". It could be real fast to model a large scale model by using XML and my work nature needs modelling large scale model frequently. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Jeng
  13. Well I said it is huge cause I very often get an out of memory error and my machine has 8 GB. However, in this case it just does nothing. I click to paste and it stays processing for a while. After that nothing happens. It also doesn't let me load the project as a library. "Cannot load 'Final@lab_v16' because it has the same originating project id as '[Project Library]' If you want to open both of these projects as libraries, you must create a new project and move the models from one of them into this new project. Then open the new project and the other existing project.
  14. Create a new project, go to ProjectHome ribbon, click load library button. Then, find and select your own model, simply click open to load it into Simio. You will see your model components (i.e., objects from your own library) at left with the name of your library (custom library).
  15. You might build a model like this: Source -> ItemToFlowConverter -> the flow line Where the Source object is the Standard Library Source for creating discrete entity arrivals. So, use a Source to create discrete entities (of possibly varying entity types) from table data. Then have each discrete entity go into an ItemToFlowConverter to be converted into a specified quantity of flow, by specifying the 'Flow Quantity Per Item' property however you like (sounds like that will possibly be a value also coming from table data that was used to define the entity's type). The
  16. I thought I would be easy to change Write step, but the fact each replication is in a separate file has a reason. Simio can run multiple replications at once. And using External it crates say 4 processess each with one replication. Each process can run in a different thread. But these processess cannot write in one file simultanously. So I recommend using this Makro to join files together. Sub LoopThroughFiles() Application.DisplayAlerts = False i = 0 Dim StrFile As String StrFile = Dir("C:\Users\.....\NameOfExcelFile*") Do While Len(StrFile) > 0
  17. Hi All This has probably never really come up for most of you, but is there a way of using a button to open an external file (like a PDF)? I just want the system to open a reference document from within a simulation. It's ok (actually preferable) for the file to open outside Simio; it just makes for a good contact to relevant supporting information. Thanks
  18. Nope, the 64bit version still will not open the model with a massive data table (at least not within the 5mins I was willing to wait for it). I left the model opening over night (via the 32bit client), and came in this morning to it opened. I have removed the datatable, and will have to explore using a database, etc.
  19. I am helping to build some models for textbook chapters to distribute so I prefer to leave it blank. My professor cleaned the author with his enterprise version but when I open it with my student version it automatically filled my name. Perhaps it is a bug with the student version for 106? I will try to reinstall SIMIO to see if I can solve it.
  20. A quick work-around is to set the add-on process to consist of a single execute step, with Execute -> Advanced Options -> Token Wait Action set to None (Continue). Have that Execute step execute the same seize-delay-release process from my first comment, and you should be able to get concurrent seizing of both the secondary resource and the server during processing. With your approach, it seems like the seize process is at the model level, meaning that the model object is attempting to seize (and release) the resource, rather than the server or the entity. The error message indicat
  21. Ok, good to know. I’ve come across the Academic/Commercial divide with example models here on the forums, so I wasn’t sure about between other license types. I have a related feature request: it would be nice to open/run/save a model with a specific license type (“below” the license in use). The example use case is that I am developing a model for a customer who has Team Edition. I have Enterprise Edition, but I want to make sure that I am not using any Enterprise-only features so that I can guarantee full functionality of the model upon delivery. Thanks! -Adam
  22. Dariusz, This is the same 'problem' as placing a server in a model and having the server seize a secondary resource for processing. As all the Simio objects are open, you can copy/subclass the server and see how it does this. In short, here's how it can be done: 1. Give a property to your machinery object of 'seize resource' or 'available worker'. 2. Create a process in your machinery object that seizes the resource property. 3. Create a process in your machinery object that will release the resource property when no longer needed.
  23. What happens if a model built with Enterprise-only features is opened with Team Edition? Specifically, I have many states in tables for collecting outputs in my model. Can someone with only Team edition still run the model? Will they get error messages? Will they even be able to open the file? Thanks! Adam
  24. That depends on exactly what you want. If you want to combine *projects* together, then you can just create a new one, open the ones you want to copy objects out of as libraries, the go to the Project's Models view, and select either Copy From Library to Edit (if it is going to be a different object in just this project) or Clone From Library (if you really just want to "merge" the two, which is why this option exists). But if you want all components of both models to appear all together in a single model object, without using sub-objects, it is much more difficult. You can select al
  25. Okay Thank you I will try that, I have attached a picture for the simplified example of my system in case the file does not open
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