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  1. How do I access a table column by name using a table property defined for the model? In my model, I have multiple data tables each with the same named columns defined for each. Each table has a different number of rows. For a run or a set of replications, I want to select a table to use. I have defined a model-level table property named _SelectedTable to support this. During simulation runs, I want to access this selected table's data by row and column name. Specifically, I want to use this data to update model entity state variables. I also want to stop creating entities when all of t
  2. Dear all, it seems I have the same issue with multiple entities and requirements for multiple paths in the sequence table. I would be very happy to have the solution shared with me. Kind regards, Harald
  3. We are building a model of a medical facility where some patients need to be evacuated out of the model using a vehicle. In its current state, when a patient is in the ward or ICU, it will be determined if they need to evacuate. While they are waiting for an evacuation transport, they will be in a task sequence loop. We would like some way for the patient to seize a spot on the transport, perform the tasks loops, and once the transport arrives at the facility transfer node, the patients break out of their loop, and seize a worker to be carried to the vehicle. We have patients
  4. Note: WkA and WkB essentially do the same thing, so I'm essentially just explaining WkA on the seizing worker to make things simpler. What needs to happen: I need Wk1 to wait until WkA is at the output node before processing the entity. Then resume movement (to go to input of BPICK) only after the event of Output@APICKRiderWaiting (basically the processing finished; I found it only works when I use the wait for rider waiting). The same thing needs to happen with BPICK. Then Wk1 needs to head back to nRouter. Current State & Problems: Right now it does not wait to pro
  5. SpiceSimu, If possible, I'd suggest downloading more current software to see the referenced SimBit with the Server. Likely, the reason you do not see "TimeSetup" metrics reported is that your matrix contains all zeros (0), therefore no changeover time. Furthermore, your implementation does not use the Changeover Logic element, therefore, there will not be an entry for the element. For creating multiple entities per arrival event, investigate the Source property Entities Per Arrival. In addition, you may consider an alternative Arrival Mode. If you do use a Sever to aid i
  6. Hi, i am new to Simio and I want to model an Airport terminal operations, i have the following questions? - which is better to model the check in counters have the same properties as single server with a certain capacity or multiple servers? - how can i change the check-in counter capacity based on the number of entities in a single queue( queue is on the path and not the server input buffer) - My model is using arrival rate table to generate the passengers, How i can model the passengers destroyed at the Gates based on flight Schedule (Departure time) ? Thanks
  7. I have a model where I have 7(seven) entities and for each entity there are many possibilities paths. Is possible an entity be programmed with multiple sequences tables? For example, the entity can go to source -> server1 -> sink, and also randomly it can go to source -> server2-> sink, something like that.
  8. Hello everyone, I am a master's student in operations management trying my hand at Simio for the first time. I want to develop a model that simulates the delays incurred by variable supply lead times which may lead to stock-outs at a manufacturing plant. I would like to model demand so that each entity generated by a single source module corresponds to a sales order. Each order should have a probability to include orders for several specific product types (since sales orders may contain orders for different product types). As such, entities should have an arrival rate which co
  9. I have recreated a system to see theoretical capacities and it has multiple sources (1 parent and 2 different members that I combine). I have turned off balking because that interferes with my unit mix. I have also changed all buffers to a finite number and crossing logic capacities to 1. Even with all of this, I still hit the 2500 max entities and an error pops up. This system should only be able to hold a couple hundred, so I know I don't need to adjust my capacity size. I made the units stop at the 1st server so I could isolate the issue and it appears to be upon creation or in the combiner
  10. Hello, In my model, I have two vehicle types. The first type, MyVehicle, is a subclassed vehicle similar to the vehicles in the SimBit Electric Vehicle, except they use Free Space Only. The other type of vehicles are standard vehicles. My problem is when entities seize a vehicle for transport from one server, I want them to seize the closest MyVehicle and only seize a standard vehicle if no MyVehicles are available. The output node at each server is set to select from the transport list which includes both vehicle types. If I set the reservation method to "Reserve Closest
  11. Hi, I have a series of shipping containers that are fed by a single conveyor, and I want all the containers to fill to a specific capacity whilst minimising the total time to fill. That means that if a container downstream is busy transfering-in an entity, then subsequent entities should stop at an upstream container to mitigate any queing, whilst respecting the capacity limits. At the moment I have the containers represented by sinks, but this doesn't allow me to set capacity limits. I'm using a TransferNode to set each entity's destination with a sequence table, but this doesn't re
  12. Hello, Server (reflecting the storage/kitting area) in my push model is connected to multiple servers. I have below conditions to fulfill while routing entities from an output node of this server - After every 5 minutes, 1. Scan through the sequenced entities at kitting area (output buffer) 2. Scan through the output destinations to check if they have space available for transfer. 3. Route all the possible parts in sequence from the origin server. Can someone help with advice or any reference model to replicate this scenario in Simio. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, Server (reflecting the storage/kitting area) in my push model is connected to multiple servers. I have below conditions to fulfill while routing entities from an output node of this server - After every 5 minutes, 1. Scan through the sequenced entities at kitting area (output buffer) 2. Scan through the output destinations to check if they have space available for transfer. 3. Route all the possible parts in sequence from the origin server. Can someone help with advice or any reference model to replicate this scenario in Simio. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you very much for your help, though this does not help me solve my problem, i'll try to explain it a bit better. in my model, a passenger (parent entity) arrives at a separator object with one or multiple batched entities (bags), these then separate from each other. to represent the real system, a tray should also be available to put the bag on (this should be available before the separation starts), i modelled the tray as a vehicle because then i could model the "need for the tray to be available" as a secondary resource. After the separator the tray (with bag) should move on a con
  15. I have a series of gated processes that are defined in a sequence table. Occasionally sequential gates will use the same server. In our process, the entity doesn't actually move out of the server, but in Simio the entity has to exit the server and re-enter. What winds up happening is that if another entity is queuing for that server, it will enter first during the approximately 2 seconds it takes for the entity to travel from the output node to the input node , causing the entity that was in the server to queue. I would like the entity to stay in the server through multiple gates, accord
  16. I appreciate your help as it solved the problem! However, I have one more question. When I apply the rule for only two separators there is no issue, but when I try to apply it to multiple separators a new challenge is encountered. Take the new picture as a reference. Instead of having one server being linked to two different separators, now I have multiple servers (Server 2-7) linked to a shared transfer node that is linked to multiple separators (Separator 3-8). If I apply the same rule, when all the separators are in the active position (value of 1), all the entities are prone to use separa
  17. Hi Sean, Where is your Process triggered? Depending on its location, it may allow multiple Entities to Delay simultaneously. For example, if this Process is at Output@ServerA, this will allow multiple to Delay at once and the Entity that finishes the Delay step first will move along the Path to ServerB first. You can have them Delay one at a time if you change the Output Buffer Capacity to '1', however, this will cause ServerA to be in a blocked state until the Delay is complete. All the best, Caleb Simio Technical Support
  18. Hi All, It's been a while since I have last used Simio and I have an issue that I think should be simple. I have two entities running on a production line, one gets processed by a server and the second entity type moves through the same server almost like a conveyor with no processing. I can work around this by adding another conveyor around the server, but in real life the product does flow through this server and eats at it's capacity. Is there anyway to set up different processing times for multiple entity types on a server? Thanks, Brendan
  19. Thanks, CWatson, I reviewed the 'LogicBasedOnEntityState', therefore, I only can flag one type of ModelEntity for each bus. How I can specify multiple types of entities with the unique distribution; for example, the first bus; 0.3 Adults, 0.3 Teens and 0.4 Seniors, and the second bus 0.4 Adults, 0.2 Teens and 0.4 Seniors? May I link bus number with a table of entities profile, for instant?
  20. I have a multiple combiners into which a single worker provides entities. While the worker is at a specific combiner, I want to check if that combiner's output buffer is full. I'd prefer not to create a separate process for each combiner as I have dozens. How do I code the process so that it is generic and that 1 process can work for any combiner? I'm hoping this is an easy question. Sorry if it's obvious. Thanks for your help.
  21. I just "found" this library... fantastic new additions... especially like the robot as it has direct application in my current modeling effort! However, I was wondering why the robot seems to be limited to only transporting a single entity at a time? Can it be modified to pick up multiple entities with a single pass? For example: in a warehouse setting... moving 6 "cases" to place as a single layer on a pallet.
  22. So I have a rather complex issue that needs to be resolved basis multiple entities in a wait block. I think this is actually the first decent use I have found for a storage queue as it seems to allow me to shuffle the entities within the wait block, basis entry and exit ranking rules. I can then just use the condition in the wait block to match the specific or subset of entities that adhere to the condition in the storage queue (see attached)
  23. Hi there - My entities are going into a wait step based on a condition. So at any point in time I may or may not have multiple entities in the wait step. When I fire an event to release entity from the wait step all the entities which are in the wait step at the time event is fired get released. I don't want that, I want wait to release only one entity every time release event is fired. Any ideas how I can achieve this? Thank you.
  24. Hi all, I've got a vehicle on a fixed route that has a capacity greater than one. Each entity has a loading and unloading time of 15 seconds. Now I want to let the vehicle dwell for 20 seconds at a node, but only if it has at least one pick-up or drop-off. When there is no pick-up or drop-off, there is no dwell time. So, if the vehicle loads or unloads only one entity it takes 20 seconds. But loading/unloading multiple entities at one node takes the loading/unloading time required. For a pick-up I can dwell only if the RidePickUpQueue of the current node is > 0. For a drop-off
  25. You could create multiple entity types through a single Source by using data tables and product mix- see the SimBit titled EntityFollowsSequenceWithTable.spfx. This would create entities based on the product mix specified in the JobTable data table. To create multiple of a specific type (man/woman) entering at a single time in a source, you could just simply create one type (man) and then use add-on process logic and a Create step to create the other type (woman) and have them continue processing.
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