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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, With the success of SET's previous two webinars, we've been asked to showcase our other Simio talks at the virtual Converge20 event. Along with many other talks at the event, these are the ones that will focus on Simio and it's applications: Willem Daling: Using Digital Twin Technology in Mining Handre Dreyer: Improve Planning & Scheduling Control via Continuous Simulation Register here (free) This event is not limited to simulation modelling, and will cover a whole range of other operational technologies across various industries. Below is the agend
  2. I want to model a flow mechanism which usually runs at a certain rate but randomly fails and stops for a time before restarting (e.g. a rock crusher in mining). I currently model the "crusher" with a FlowNode and can start and stop it via buttons. I expected to use a monitor on Run.TimeNow with varying intervals to toggle the crusher on/off, but Run.TimeNow is not accepted as a monitor state variable. How should this be handled? (I'm a simulation and Simio newbie.)
  3. The good news is that we still have that model and it still works. The bad news is that we (Simio) did not create this model and I'm not sure if we have permission to distribute it. And unfortunately, I personally don't recall who shared that model with us.Perhaps the organization that created Opencast Mining Example will volunteer to share that model or even their latest work.
  4. Thanks I will try that. Other thing, Do you still have that Mining Simbit or sample model mentioned with youtube link. I know the video is abt 6 years old. Many thanks
  5. I want to publicly thank: James Doran, Mining Systems Modeler, Anglo American James has made tremendous contributions to this forum. His tagline reads: Resident Problem Synthesiser and he has done plenty of that... he has often been a pain in the, um, er, keyboard as he pushes and stretches Simio to do more things with it. Sometimes this means reporting bugs or asking difficult to answer questions . But more often he identifies opportunities to improve Simio and posts them to give us a permanent record as well as the opportunity to collect other user feedback. Along the way J
  6. Ah shucks Dave. Thanks for the call out. I enjoy using Simio, as it is one of the premier simulation tools, and I would like to see it become the standard "go-to" tool for general simulation purposes. I have a vested interest in steering development towards mining purposes, so at times I am sure that what I was requesting might have been a polar opposite to the direction you intended to take development for general purposes. That being said, out of the massive list of suggestions I have made over the last year, a good portion have been added. I trust Simio will continue to grow and m
  7. Using this for mining process simulation. As my skills with the tool have improved, we have generally been developing models that we embed in other models (sub-models), and use a lot of hacks and work-arounds to get things working properly. On the plus side, most of the objects used are pretty standard.
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