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  1. Hi All, In examining a medical system, we have a requirement to log snapshots of the patient details being processed at specific points in time during experiment replications. For each server, we would like to know the state values for entities currently in processing in each functional area ( a mix of servers and storage queues). I suppose I am looking for an "Easy Button" which would quickly capture a Work In Process snapshot of the system. Are there any thoughts on accomplishing something like this? Any kind comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi Guys, I have a source producing the entities, which is processed by the server with a worker. server and worker are assigned to work schedule (7Hrs) (12am-7am) arrival model of the server is set to time varying arrival rate. to control the source on holidays. But with current scenario the source is producing the entities on off-shift time. Please help out with a logic, so that source is produces the entities matching to the timings of work schedule. Note: Simulation run is for a period of 1 year. Regards, Alen
  3. Hi Everyone, I have 100s of different products in a warehouse and I want to get statistics for all of them such as distance travelled, number entered and exited. So I created the entity instances for each product automatically through data table. The entity.totaldistancetraveled function doesnt increase since the entity doesnt moveby itself but moved by forklift instead. So I have created a state variable called "distanceonforklift" and increased by the difference between the forklift total distance travelled value when entity exits and enters to forklift. I have also created a function
  4. Hi again Liz. I found the problem but it wasn't easy to figure out with the RowForKey formula. I used the search function with tablerows as collection type. When I filtered the trace on the search and tally process, I found that the the table index of the found item and index of the search function was not the same in some cases especially for "small" type products. Further even the available row count of the products table was not returning the correct number rows in the table. The products table has 810 rows but it was finding 197 rows only in the search function. I had a separate "pr
  5. Hello, I have a model, that's producing parts (Multiple Parts A,B, C,D) with a server, sever works based on a work schedule and off shift days and holidays and the simulation is run for 1 year. Note: processing time for each part is different i need to extract the number of parts produced each month. Also need to determine the monthly efficiency of server , since some months may have holidays. Please provide a solution to get the dat on a monthly basis.
  6. Sebastian, I don't know if this is what you need, but maybe if you change the paths to connectors and set the 4th server input buffer to 0 it might work. rds. block_test1.spfx
  7. Is it possible to import / tabulate work schedule patterns into Simio from another application such as Excel? (Example: I would like to take a work schedule in excel, create a binding to the excel work schedule, and finally have it automatically upload to Simio.) I can create a binding from excel for a normal table but not work schedules.
  8. You are correct that it will keep the resource seized until after the delay. A work around would be to subclass the server and change the PerformProcessingTask. All you would need to do is move the execute task to after the release, then it should release the resource and then do the execute (Your Add-on process).
  9. Hi Shawn, I thought of this, I've actually got a column called Delay_Days. I didn't think of adding a delay in before/after process because I'm worried it'll throw resources off, as in, it'll keep them utilised when instead they should be working on other tasks that don't need delay. Would this still work?
  10. Let's see if I can elaborate... The following outlines the relevant characters in simio file "table_selection_by_name.spfx." Model->Definitions: Properties: OptionId (Entity Property, default=null) _SelectedTable (Table Property, default=tableOption1) States: RowId (integer, default=1) maxEntities (integer, default=2) ModelEntity->Definitions: States: _id (Integer, default=0) row_num (integer, default=0) temp (integer, default=0) Model->Facility: ModelEntity Types: Option1, Option2 Source1, Server1, Sink1 S
  11. My research aims to investigate uncertainties’ influence over the activities’ duration and the duration of a construction project. The frequent use of Simio is creating multiple moving entities and observing their behaviour. However, building is the only entity, and it is immobile. I am planning to let a Source produce a single entity representing a building and create Servers to work as ordered activities whose durations obey certain distributions. Unlike a product being processed in sequence, construction involves concurrent and prioritized activities which are represented w
  12. Hey!! I have container entities that are waiting to enter a filler. I need (for visualization and logical purposes) the allow passing property of the paths be FALSE, but, when I do this, I can't find the expression that returns the number of container entities waiting on the path to get inside the input buffer of the filler. I am attaching a picture that will clarify the problem. In this scenario, I need an expression that returns 4. I have tried many expressions and none seem to work. Does anybody know how to achieve this? Thank you very much!
  13. We are building a model of a medical facility where some patients need to be evacuated out of the model using a vehicle. In its current state, when a patient is in the ward or ICU, it will be determined if they need to evacuate. While they are waiting for an evacuation transport, they will be in a task sequence loop. We would like some way for the patient to seize a spot on the transport, perform the tasks loops, and once the transport arrives at the facility transfer node, the patients break out of their loop, and seize a worker to be carried to the vehicle. We have patients
  14. If I were you I would define a storage element. Then, if the patients are finished with their loop I send them to storage (you can think of it as a waiting room). Then, when the vehicle is available I should check the storage (with a search step) and if exist get the patients on the vehicle. Does it work for you?
  15. The answer is no! If you call MATLAB via user generated MATLAB step simio will temporarily suspend till the outgoing token will return (with a value or not). If you add a breakpoint, simio will come to a "full stop". This means simio can not send any token to run/call matlab/codes. Most likely your problem is that the matlab user defined step does not work properly. If it works properly you need not to stop simio anyway. Try to locate the required files appropriately or check your visual studio edition etc.? I am not sure what is the problem but the .dll file can be outdated?
  16. OK, and maybe I stumbled upon off shift rule "finish work already started" in process logic... am I on the right track?
  17. Hi all, I met some questions in building the model. It seems a very general quesiton but I didn't find any solution from internet... I'm building a general workflow model. I want to decide the quantity of a server to optimize the workflow. I want to use experiments or optquest to get the 'best' number for each server. If I set the capacity type as Fixed, then I can set the initial capacity as ''referenced property'', then I can use this as control in experiments/optquest. However, I have a work schedule for each server now which means I couldn't set the capacity type as Fixed.
  18. Hi Lucas, Your method works! The ItemAtIndex() returns an entity object in the defined station, and I'll just need to go through the queue to check for the following work. Really appreciate your help! Thank you. Shu
  19. Note: WkA and WkB essentially do the same thing, so I'm essentially just explaining WkA on the seizing worker to make things simpler. What needs to happen: I need Wk1 to wait until WkA is at the output node before processing the entity. Then resume movement (to go to input of BPICK) only after the event of Output@APICKRiderWaiting (basically the processing finished; I found it only works when I use the wait for rider waiting). The same thing needs to happen with BPICK. Then Wk1 needs to head back to nRouter. Current State & Problems: Right now it does not wait to pro
  20. Most probably secondary resources will work for you, support here!. I can not open your model since we are using different editions. If we were to use the same edition I was able to open your model. Thus, while developing models which you will share with someone else you should consider this constraint.
  21. Hi everyone, I am working on a project that has more than 2,000 different arrival distributions. The distributions are all exponential, but they all change over time. To illustrate: suppose I am modeling 30 companies around the world, each company with a group of suppliers (or clients), each supplier (or client) with a group of parts (or orders) that will be arriving in my company to be processed. Each one of these parts coming from each supplier to each company (I will call it a combination) has its own distribution that changes over time. [this is an analogy to my problem] If
  22. We are looking for an intermediate skilled Simio engineer for a 3 month contract. You will be able to work remotely with myself, whilst engaging through an online or VR platform, should you have a headset. Please pm me your details if interested. All conversations are treated as confidential.
  23. Hi, Our team at SET did some work and we now have a tool to easily convert Arena Distributions. Feedback is appreciated and we hope his help in the process of moving Arena models to Simio. DistributionsSimioToArena.xlsm
  24. I'm having trouble at the interruption step. Yes, I have looked at InterruptibleOperator, InterruptingServerWithMultipleCapacity, InterruptingAcrossMultipleServers. Despite all of that, I still cant figure it out. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entites and drops at respective servers (A/B PICK) and doesn't leave until processed. WorkerA/B stops whatever its doing (though it does not stop if transporting) and is siezed when Worker1 brings the entity to A/B PICK. Worker1 moves on and WorkerA/B does what it needs to. Here's the deal in WorkerA/
  25. In my model, I intend to use a Binary Gate on a path to control if a particular entity is allowed to enter that path, using an Add-on process on the Path Run_initilized. First, I close the gate. At the Decide step, if a particular condition is fulfiled, then the entity will be allowed to pass through that path and proceed onto the next steps. The Gate will then close. If the condition is not fulfilled, then the Binary Gate at the path will remain closed. However, when I run my model, even when the condition is not fulfilled, the entities still pass through that path. May I ask if my unde
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