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  1. Let's see if I can elaborate... The following outlines the relevant characters in simio file "table_selection_by_name.spfx." Model->Definitions: Properties: OptionId (Entity Property, default=null) _SelectedTable (Table Property, default=tableOption1) States: RowId (integer, default=1) maxEntities (integer, default=2) ModelEntity->Definitions: States: _id (Integer, default=0) row_num (integer, default=0) temp (integer, default=0) Model->Facility: ModelEntity Types: Option1, Option2 Source1, Server1, Sink1 S
  2. I'm currently creating a model of my local public transportation system. I have calculated the arrival rates for entities in 30 minute intervals (the arrival rate will change every 30 minutes). Is it possible to create a schedule that allows the source block to change the entity creation rate every 30 minutes? I would also like to create a different disembarkment percentage for each station (sink) to unload passengers based off my collected data. Is it possible to allow the "Entity Destination Type" to assign a percentage to each entity designating which stop it will get off i.e. 50% to g
  3. Hi , You can try by changing the arrival mode of WoodParts to 'On event" and event name as HooksOperation.Repaired Please try if this works. Regards, Unmesh
  4. Let's say I want exactly 100 entities arrive where the arrival of each one follows a normal distribution with mean 1 hour and standard deviation of 5 minutes from the start of the simulation. How can I model that within SIMIO? The interarrival time doesn't make sense because I don't know / care what the interrarrival time between each entity is. I realize that I could randomly generate 100 normal random variables outside of SIMIO and input them all as an appointment, but I am wondering if there is a better way especially if I want to do many replications with a different set of 100 random
  5. Alb

    Arrival rate

    Hello, everyone! is it possible to use a Look Up Table and Rate Table to the same time in the source in SIMIO? Let me know if you know a way to do that, please. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi M_A, Just setting the Sequence property to 'Sequence1' should be enough since you set up relational tables. Because you have Maximum Arrivals set to '1', it is going to produce 1 entity type. I would switch your Maximum Arrivals to '35' and number of entities per arrival to '1'. You will also need to set your interarrival time to '0', so all 35 show up at the same time. It might be best to use a second Source object to create your second shift. I would increase the length of the Ride Station Queue in order to see all 6 passengers boarding the Vehicle. I think the network
  7. Hi Ryan, Thank you for the corrections. As always, spot-on advice, that is very appreciated. I do have a few follow up questions. - Do I set the Initial Sequence property to 'Sequence1' or do I need to tell it the row too? 'Sequence1.Sequence'? Sequence 1 is working, but just wondering. - In the SimBit, Entity Follows Sequence With Relational Tables, there are three types of Entities that all flow through the same source with the Source Property, Table Row Referencing, pulling from the JobTable with the Row Number 'JobTable.ProductMix.RandomRow.' For my model, I have two differ
  8. SpiceSimu, If possible, I'd suggest downloading more current software to see the referenced SimBit with the Server. Likely, the reason you do not see "TimeSetup" metrics reported is that your matrix contains all zeros (0), therefore no changeover time. Furthermore, your implementation does not use the Changeover Logic element, therefore, there will not be an entry for the element. For creating multiple entities per arrival event, investigate the Source property Entities Per Arrival. In addition, you may consider an alternative Arrival Mode. If you do use a Sever to aid i
  9. Hello, I have a Arrival Table, but I only want to create Entities of a specific part of the Table based on a property. IntCol Entity 0 A 0 C 1 B 1 c So, the source should create all entities with a certain integer in column 'IntCol'. The integer value is assigned by a referenced property that I can experiment with different parts of the ArrivalTable For example: If Property == 0 , create only A and C in the source. How can I do that? All the best
  10. Hi Mirek, I think the problem here is your setting arrival mode to arrival table. I am not sure but after generating right entity the source object then assigns it row according to the arrival table which means row 1. Then the right entity (B) follows the wrong task sequence. Try by setting arrival mode to interarrival time. This time it should follow the right seqeunce. I will try other options and inform you if I get any other solution.
  11. Hello, I am trying to create a model involving fluid flow and machine setup. So I have one model with flow source, tank and flow sink and another model with source, server and sink with part. I want to dynamically update my fluid flow rate out of the tank whenever any part arrives at the server. For example if the inter arrival rate of part to server is 10 mins and processing time is 2 mins then I want to start my flow through the tank at 10 mins and my flow should stop after the part leaves the server i.e. 10+2 =12 min. Simply stated I want the flow out of the tank to stop when there is
  12. Hi - 2 questions: 1. My model has people coming on shift, being transported to various locations, and then ending their shift at the sink near the source. However, I need them to get picked up and have ALL cycled through the lunch break server. Right now, out of the 35 people on shift, only 1 person got lunch, and only 6 people had their end of shift. How do I constrain the server to ensure the vehicle drops everyone at the lunch server and then the EndOfShift? 2. I would like to model 2, 12-hour shifts (each with the 35 people). I need all 35 to show up at the same time. This is my
  13. To answer your question specifically with regards to the MultiEchelonSupplyChain example, the OnReplenishOrder process that you see in the process logic of the data table driven example is automatically executed by the Inventory elements when the inventory detects the need to replenish. Go to Definitions -> Elements and click on the Inventory elements and you will see where that process is being referenced. The ShippingReceivingLogic process is being executed when an entity enters any of the BasicNodes placed in the Facility View. For example, click on the DistributionCenter node and i
  14. Hi, I want to have a source that creates entities according to a date. But also, I want each entity to carry some information like Code, Processing Time and Type. It is possible to do that? And After, how I can use the information that each entity carry? For example, Each entity has their own processing time (according to the table), how I can use that procesing time in a server? Thanks for your help!!!
  15. I have several different types of entities. And I want to see the result if I change the distribution of entity types. EG: senario1: A:10, B:20, C:70 senario2: A:20, B:20, C:60 senario3: A:40, B:20, C:40 I want to run experiments for these 3(Actually I plan to run more and more) different experiments and check the results. I don't know How to do these experiments. Anyone has an idea? Thank you!
  16. You can just use a process with a WAIT step. On entity arrival you will fire and event and the process will go on. I also belive that a worker is derived from entity so you can use workers instead of entities. Or the best fitting thing is to use consume step to consume a material (the tools). And have two inventories for it (one near the machine, one in the warehouse of tools). There are some simbits with the basic inventory concepts.
  17. Hi, i am new to Simio and I want to model an Airport terminal operations, i have the following questions? - which is better to model the check in counters have the same properties as single server with a certain capacity or multiple servers? - how can i change the check-in counter capacity based on the number of entities in a single queue( queue is on the path and not the server input buffer) - My model is using arrival rate table to generate the passengers, How i can model the passengers destroyed at the Gates based on flight Schedule (Departure time) ? Thanks
  18. In the book by SMITH/STURROCK/KELTON, in Section 7-3, the authors warn against manually changing the arrival rate from one period to the other. They state that it will give wrong results at the transitions. The recommendation is to use Rate Tables. Is my guess correct ? Say we have 2 periods of 1 hour each, one with mean = 100 and one with mean = 200. If we use Rate Tables, Simio will use the rate 100 in the first hour BUT will only generate arrivals during the first hour. If we use a manually set rate and change it to 200 after 1 hour, it is possible that in the last few minut
  19. In the source of my model, I would like to generate arrival events by looking through row by row of a given table. However, I only want to create the 2nd arrival event when all the entities of the created by the first arrival event has moved beyond a certain point, where Globalstatevalue = 0. So in my process flow, I did something like this:When the globalstatevalue = 0, I want to go to the next row of my table and generate the 2nd arrival. I did this my fire an event The setting at my source: Arrival Mode: On event Triggering Event Name: name of event that I fired in the pro
  20. Hello, I have a source that I need to let create 5 entities per arrival before 1 minute runtime and 1 entity per arrival after 1 minute, how do I do that? Thank you
  21. Hello, I have a data table with 900 total entities, comprised of 10 different types of entities. I am trying to randomize which entities go through the model, but I need all 900 to go through. I've tried the "entity mix" technique, but it always overloads my model with too many entities. Does anyone have an idea of how to go about this? I want to run a series of experiments with a random selection of entities for each replication. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance! -Mario
  22. I need to build a simulation of a train maintenance workshop. Each of the trains are entering and exiting the workshop with always the same daily schedule (day-hour-minute). I have set up two arrival tables (one for train arrival, the other for train departure) which trigger two timers, and it works well. My current problem is that the simulation should now run over 1 year (simulation time). The arrival table is expecting a time AND a date, and I am looking for a smart solution to avoid writing repeatedly the same schedule for the 365 days of the year in an Exel file. Thanks for
  23. Hello, I'm very new to SIMIO and apologize if this question is too elementary. I've been trying to figure out how to run the simulation from a defined list of entities. Most of the SIMBITS and examples I have seen use a random "product mix" or other means to produce entities. Is there a way to simply run say, 40 defined mixed entities from the data table. I'd like to run several different entities from the data table, all with different sequences and processing times. Similar to the SIMBIT EntityFollowsSequenceWithTable but with a defined amount of PartA,PartB,and PartC entities.
  24. Hi, I have used the SimBit "InterruptibleOperator" where i have set the process time on the servers to be a fixed one (200 sec at server 1 and 300 sec at server 2). I have further more changes the Interarrival time on source1 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 50. The Interarrival time on source2 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 100. (Look at the linked file) Then when i checked the process time on the server in results it was not 200 sec and 300 sec as had set it to in the server. I think the operator is the one to blame for this, but how can i get the ri
  25. Ok, in this case, I tried to solve it using a regular Data Table. Maybe not the prettiest solution, but check the attached model. I used the TimeNow expression to check what day is it and assigned the Entities per Arrival property to that day's row of the data table. Arrival.spfx
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