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Found 113 results

  1. Hey Forum I have struggled a bit with creating a model that can handle batched parts not at the time. At the company i'm currently working in are they putting units on a trolleys and transports them it from workstation to workstation. But they can only handle one batch at the time, and when they are finish with the batch (eg. 10 units) they send it further, and begin with the next batch in line. This is what i need help to program in simio. I have created a simple model for this experiment with 2 sources, 1 combiner, 1 separator, 1 server and 1 sink. I then would like the separator to wait unbatching, before the server have finished the first arrived batch, and not just send it immediatley. - Thomas Model01.spfx
  2. Hi I am trying to retrieve the actual run time of each scenario on my experiment. This information appears below the Scenario manager but I can't copy it (i can't select the text inside the box). I have 100 replications and there are 50+ scenarios so find them individually wold be very time consuming. Can I export this data? or visualize it on some other way? Thank you!
  3. Hi All, is there a way to make the server waiting for two (or any defined number) entities to begin the processing? I would like the server to begin processing only when two entities has arrived. Then the two entities leaves the server at the same time, and other two begin being processed. Can I do it without defining a process?
  4. Hi, I need to execute a process only during three hours per day, but I cannot use the timer because It just represent a point in time and I need a period of time Someone can recommend me an simbit, or give me some advice in topic Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I have to create a simulation of a manufacturing system which packages spices in cans, and as I am new to simio, I am having a hard time making the model customized to fit the real system. Firstly, I have created 6 different types of entities, which right now processes in random order, by using a rate table for the source. I would like to process these in batches of fixed sizes, but the order can still be random. Secondly, the changeover times are an important part of the model, as we are going to analyze how to reduce them. I defined categories of entities by a list of strings and then a changeover matrix, which a set on a workstation, although I am not sure if this is the correct method. What I really want to see is the time spent on changeover in total, and the number of occurences, but I can't figure out how. I have linked the model. I hope someone can help me a little, this is for a big school project and I keep getting stuck. OpdateretModel.spfx
  6. Dear Simio employee, I have two questions about 'getting' the average holding time for all the realisations of my subclassed vehicle. I want to know how long an entity is on a vehicle, on average. I tried it with two processes, but both don't work. I don't understand why the following doesn't work (process GemTijdOpAGV): And I also don't understand why the process TijdContainerOpVoertuig doesn't work. I don't understand the error: 'Model Entity does not match the model', or something like that. I created two instances of de model entity, named 'container and pallet', but it seems like I can't use model entity in some processes and in others I can. Why is that and when can you use model entity and when not? (This is also true for instances of a vehicle.) I have attached the model below, but it is still in progress. I hope to hear from you soon! With kind regards, Thomas Haven_v1 project DS model met RS en dus intelligent MTS.spfx
  7. Hi all, I have a model with several servers, each with their own Changeover Matrix for cleaning between jobs. This is done by a Sequence Dependent Setup within the Servers Task Sequence steps. This is working fine when the Cleaning is either done 100% Automatic or 100% Manual with a Worker called as a Secondary resource. Some servers however require partial support from a Worker. For example a COMatrix of X mins needs to include 5 mins support from a Worker at the start and 10 mins support from a worker at the end of the Changeover period, with the middle X - 15 mins in the middle of the CO cleaning period (There are other more complex examples too where the operator will be required half way through the process too to empty the cleaning waste container). Is there a way of saving the COMatrix time, rather than running this delay, so that I can then build an add on process or add further task sequences to break the time into its Automated and Manual Components? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. J
  8. I have a model where I need to set a server had a maximum of 15 entities from 7 A.M to 10 A.M. I Use the WorkSchedule but I don't know how to limit the number of entities. Can someone help me? *This server it is parallel with other servers.
  9. Hi all, I made a model of a production line (starting with 2 servers) and I am wondering whether it is possible to change the processing time of the second server based on the actual output of the first server. Theoretically seen the processing time of the server 2 = Speed of server 1 * E , in which E is a fixed formula (connected to server 2) to correct the speed. So if the first server performs according to expectation (without failures) for example 40 the processing speed of the second server is equal to 40*E with a delay of the conveyor time between server 1 and server 2. If the server has failure and thus have a lower output (for example, 30), I want to change the processing time of the second server accordingly to 30*E with a delay of the conveyor time between server 1 and server 2. Does anybody have an idea of how to do the following: How can you monitor the actual output of the first server at each timestep? Is it possible to fix the proposed formula and use it in an add-on process? How can you take the conveyor time delay into account (using a delay step in the add-on process?)? I am quite new to the software so I am not sure whether it is possible to model this in Simio. Thank you in advance!
  10. Is there a way to create a column of Time property without date using Simio Table, just like the start time and end time of day pattern of the work schedules? The work schedule doesn't suit my needs.
  11. Hello! I want to make the simulation model which illustrates about the interference time about three kinds of truck. And such trucks enter the warehouse and head to the specific loading spot to do forwarding operation with one goods among four kinds. That is why interference time occur, by which I mean that I have to make model to find the most suitable spot for each goods forwarding activity by switching each spot. However I can not find the accurate properties avoiding each other objects at path, or even allocating several time delay on the situation that they encounter. Anyway, I want to see object avoid each other by decelerating its speed and calculate overall time delay at the result tab. (20 seconds per each interference) If I can apply the time delay, the kind of the object does not matter. I already tried to make the entities play a role as the truck that works mentioned above, but that trial was failed because there are no property to decelerate, or avoid at least.. I sincerely want my dear SIMIO to achieve a success in this modeling.. Thank you!
  12. Hi, I have used the SimBit "InterruptibleOperator" where i have set the process time on the servers to be a fixed one (200 sec at server 1 and 300 sec at server 2). I have further more changes the Interarrival time on source1 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 50. The Interarrival time on source2 to be 1 day and the entities per arrival to 100. (Look at the linked file) Then when i checked the process time on the server in results it was not 200 sec and 300 sec as had set it to in the server. I think the operator is the one to blame for this, but how can i get the right result in results? I have tryed to remove the operator and the process connected to it, and then i got the right process time. I however still need the operator, so need a solution to get the process time and keep the operator. InterruptibleOperator - process time - resultat1.spfx
  13. Hi All, I have a query. Is there a way to implement logic that allows the model to vary the processing time of a server as a function of the available man power? In my model I have various servers and all need a specific number of workers in order to begin processing. I have one large pool of workers to be shared between all stations. This means that there are times when all the workers are in use and times when some are spare. Ideally I would like to model that when there are men spare they would come and help other stations and get the job done quicker or when only some of the required quota of workers are seized they can start the work all be it at slower pace until the full quota has been seized. I hope this makes sense Thanks
  14. Hello Can simio use time series data (say from an excel file) as cost input for servers, that updates every hour?
  15. New to Simio and learning as I go. The attached model includes a CombinerNode1 that batches entities in groups of 2 & 5 (random.discrete). I would like Server1 to use different processing times for the different batch sizes. For example, a batch of 2 entities should be processed in 5 seconds; Batches of 5 entities in 7 seconds, etc.. Eventually I will create batches of up to 6 entities. I have tried using Server1.Processing.Contents for Processing Time, but seems to return the value of 1 all times. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Processing time based on BatchSize.spfx
  16. Hi, I am trying to make it so that at the end of a process all of my combiners (say 10 or 20) collect all entities (assigned to a particular combiner when they enter the system) but wait to release to the sink until the simulation reaches a certain time (say 9:00 AM) AND all entities have been processed through the system and are in their assigned combiner. I use a combiner because they turn into a different type of entity before exiting the system. I've tried a few different things but cannot seem to get the process logic down. Any help?
  17. I'm having trouble calculating the average time between Objects. I know there's some built in function called time in system to get entity totle time in the system. But now I care the time entity spent between nodes. EG: I have entityA, entityB, entitleC, I want to find the entityA average time spent from server1 to the server6, from server1 to the very end, from the very begining to server4? How should I do these, what does the expression look like? I want to add a label to show that numbers dynamically during the run of the model.
  18. Hello, I have a network with one source and different sinks. I use add on process on the output of my source to choose the sinks based in the capacity. When I run the model, all created entities destroyed in the sinks correctly but in result part, "TimeInSystem" is equal zero. Due to add on process, is it happen?Should I calculate time in system with Tally? Best, Nadere
  19. Hello, I have a network with 2 sources and 2 sinks, and each source has its own entity. I want that each entity randomly choose the destination (sink) before entering to the network. Since I do not know the answer of this question, I create a Node List for each source and add to output of source but my model does not run correctly. The model only creates entity, and they cannot reach the destination. I was wondering if you could help me. The model is attached. Thanks, Nadere choose_sink.spfx
  20. Hello, I am working on evacuation network design problem. My network has several evacuation areas (source nodes), road segment, and shelters (destination nodes). I consider congestion as people might stick in the traffic and they have to reduce their speed in the road. My goal is to send people from hazard areas to safe areas in the defined time horizon. So my first question is that, can I use SIMIO for simulating my model? Since my model has limited time for evacuation (Terminating problem), can I validate my problem with replications, if yes, how many replications I need? 2) Is there any other method to validate my model? Thanks,
  21. Hi, We want to track the avererage waiting time from when an entity is created until it allocated to a server. We already have the waiting time in formula TimeNow - Model.Entity, but we can't figure out how to get it in the results grid so that we can see the average waiting time. Apoteksimulering (1).spfx
  22. Hi, It is possible to add a tear-down time in a server? I have a server with a capacity over 1, so I would like to add a tear-down time to simulate the cleaning of a bed in a hospital after it was used. Thanks!
  23. Hi all!, would you help me with this? I want to do a discrete simulation of the current situation in a Hospital in the inpatient unit. I have the data of one year of patients, (over 18,000 people) and I want to use that data in the simulation. That would make more easy to model the server processing times, while we will use the real server times and sequences that each patient had, instead to use probabilities and distributions for the sequence and server times respectively. So, I created a table where each row represent a patient with a sequence (which bed he was assigned due to his level of acuity) and the time that he spent in that bed before he was dispatched. The are more times involve, but we can focus in those parameters to have it more simple. So, the table have the patient name (entity) ,bed (sequence) and Length of Stay in the bed (server processing time). I don't know if is possible that when I create each entity, I can assign, based on that table, the sequence and the server processing time for each patient. How I can do that? Thanks for your time and help
  24. I'm simulating a workflow, now between two servers, there's a delay between them, we could understand it as some out-of-control waiting time or simply travel time between 2 servers. I don't know how to set this travel time perfectly. I tried set 'path' speed, but I don't think it setting that can make the time randomly… because in my situation, the delay processing time can be random. I can add another server called 'delay/travel machine' to solve this problem perfectly, but it just looks ugly and weird… So I'm wondering if there's a better solution for this?
  25. Hi, I am new to Simio. I was trying to add a routing decision in my model based on average time waiting at a server. But this function only shows up in the status label but not when I try to use it in the Processes as shown in the images. An entity reaching a node should choose the route to a server which has minimum average time waiting. What I am trying to achieve is to create a dynamic routing so that the average Time in System of the entity will be minimized. I don't know whether this is the right method or if we need to work with API or functions to achieve this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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