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  1. Thank you Dave, Unfortunately it does not explain why the model runs 4.5x slower per rep if more CPU's are available and why the CPU's are not fully utilized. I e-mailed a copy of the model to support. Hope we can sort this out soon. Kind regards, Imre
  2. I recently noticed scenario experiment runs take much longer per run than a facility run in Fast Forward. I have a model with a significant number of conveyors. In Facility Fast Forward, a run of 12 weeks takes 1322 seconds on my laptop. One CPU is used 100% (25% of 4 CPU's) If I run the same scenario as an experiment on my laptop, using 4 CPU's, a run takes 2829 seconds (2.14x slower). If I run the same scenario experiment on a similar speed desktop, but with 8 CPU's, it takes 5977 seconds per rep (4.5x slower). Each CPU is used only 67%. Please help! I need to do a significant number of scenarios, and it is taking far too long in experiment mode.
  3. Hi there, Does anybody have a case study or just some general information about the integration between Simio and Wonderware - specifically in a scheduling application? How easy is it to integrate between SAP, Wonderware and Simio to read the orders and shop floor status automatically as input to the model? What technology is used and how often is the schedule typically re-run? Any help and suggestions welcome. Regards, Imre Viljoen imre@ceenex.com
  4. Hi, If I understand correctly, the vehicle must first be released before it will pick up the entity to transport it. See attached model. Alternatively you can set the vehicle's home node to the node you want it wait at. Just set the vehicle default to go to home node and set the home node to the pickup node. Regards, Imre
  5. Dear Dave, Thank you for this. I am really looking forward to a rail library as we often use this type of functionality. One of the issues we often have is the modeling of the shunting action where a train enters a link from the B-side, pushes onto A, and then reverses into C. .........B---- A---< .........C---- The issue is that the loco reaches node A, but the other wagons never gets to A - they move from where they stop when the loco stops at A towards C. We currently have a node at "<" and travel in freespace to A, then from freespace back to "<" then then onto the node and off to C Kind regards, Imre Viljoen Ceenex
  6. IViljoen

    File menu shortcut keys

    The shortcut to "save" (Atl-F S) and "save as" (Alt-F A) does not work anymore since Version 5. I tried it in 5.83.9712. Is it possible to bring these back? It will save those extra mouse actions... Maybe link Support to Alt-F U instead of starting it with an S as in Alt-F SU. Thank you Imre Viljoen
  7. Is it possible to export a symbol from Simio to be edited in Sketchup? I have a complex shape in Simio and want to reduce the poly count, but the export command only exports in Simio native format.
  8. When Alt-tabbing to a different application, Simio sometimes leaves behind the shortcut notification/reminder blocks. The only way to remove them is to go back to Simio and pressing/releasing Alt 1 to 2 times. Then minimizing Simio or using the Windows task bar to get to other programs. Is there a way to either switch the reminders off or to fix the application to delete the reminders when pressing Alt by autonatically removing them after say 5 seconds after Alt is released. Regards, Imre Viljoen http://www.Ceenex.com
  9. IViljoen

    Search function in interface

    The search can also be accessed via the shortcut Ctrl-F from anywhere in the model...