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  1. Hi, I tried to start create my own user extension, and I follow the guide to install the template. I have Visual Studio 2008 express for C# on my computer, but I get the following message in the attached screen shot. Is it only for professional version? or there is some other way to use the template? Thanks, Hao
  2. Hi All simio users I have a problem on using the the randomrow function. I use foreign key connection to assign the entity a part of the table, and I want to pick row with a column's value by randomrow. However, although I only assign part of the table to the entity, the randomrow still randomly pick row from the entire table. It ends up picks some row number is invalid. Is the randomrow function just designed which can't implement this way? or some method to avoid it? or some other way to achieve the same result? Thanks Hao Huang
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