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  1. Congratulations, James Doran. We always expect your valuable comments in this forum.
  2. I had the same problem with the simbit. Then I opened that Entity_Types screen and closed it. Problem was gone and model run. Weird The simbit used the SetRow step to populate the table and Help confirms that it is the right way. You probably should use Search step to select the proper row.
  3. Simio Help on "Repeat Groups" says: "You can set a reference to the contents of a Repeat Group Property, similarly to how you set a reference to a Data Table." So, I understand that your "ListaEntradas" is like a table of properties, not a property itself. That´s why your custom component does not accept that reference. There is a simbit exemplifying repeat group: SourceWithCustomEntityTypeProperty.
  4. James. Good points about internal references and xml inspection. So, I learned that we can have in Simio two different objects (different internal ID) with the same name when the second object is loaded. Could Simio prevents two objects with same name in a model when loading? Or it would bring little value and more complications?
  5. That's not quite true. I removed the "ModelEntity" from the component and used the one from the calling project. The component didn't find the reference.
  6. Seems to be similar to http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1107
  7. Now is better (see attached). Notice that I removed the ModelEntity from Navigation on LoadingComp4.spfx. The Model is using the also loaded CompEntity from Comp4.spfx. LoadingComp4.zip
  8. Pedro. Take a look at the attached. Now it is working when object is loaded. Eduardo. LoadingComp2.zip
  9. Pedro, If you create a new "State" instead of "Property" in the ModelEntity, it works as you wish, BUT only if you create a model inside the same component.spfx, not if you load the object to another file. At first I thought it was restriction for student version, but it does the same for Team license. See attached file. Please, someone from Simio could explain why this happens? Eduardo LoadingComp2.zip
  10. Pedro. I´m not sure if I understood your question, but take a look at the attached model. How far is that from what you need? Eduardo. ShareModelEntityPropertyWithObject.spfx
  11. I started thinking more about this subject in the WSC in Berlin. Before it I was just jumping in the model and now getting some difficulties (think I´m the only one that can go deep on my models). I found with one colleague the technique IDEF-SIM http://www.informs-sim.org/wsc11papers/138.pdf, which I intend to apply to my models. Agree that Simio could facilitate model conceptualization. Eduardo.
  12. Somebody has an example of using "operation" and "activity" from Elements? I didn´t find a simbit for this. It seems to be simple and intuitive, but I´m getting error like:
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