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  1. rgingalls

    Passing Expression to Custom Step

    Any luck finding a new way?
  2. rgingalls

    Passing Expression to Custom Step

    I'm am passing a string formula to the step that I then execute an operating system command with that string. I am running a python program that calls gurobi to create a production plan for the scenario that Simio is running. I use the step in this way: - given that Simio has a state variable called "thisScenario" that I have already set to a value: - the expression to the step would be something like: "python3 myPythonProgram.py "+thisScenario - I want to execute the string that results from that formula. Thanks, Ricki
  3. rgingalls

    Passing Expression to Custom Step

    What if the result is a string? Ricki
  4. rgingalls

    Passing Expression to Custom Step

    I am passing an expression to a custom step and it is passing what I type in to the expression box, but I cannot seem to get the evaluation of that expression. Here's the code where I read the expression and write it to a trace: IPropertyReader myExpressionProp = _properties.GetProperty("MyExpression") as IPropertyReader; string command = myExpressionProp.GetStringValue(context); // write command to trace context.ExecutionInformation.TraceInformation(String.Format("OS Command Sent: '{0}'.", command)); Thanks for your help, Ricki
  5. rgingalls

    Step that execute Command Prompt (cmd.exe) Commands?

    I need it to finish before I continue in the simulation. I worked on it and got something to work. Attached is the code, DLL and example. This code only executes one command. Thanks, Ricki OSCommand.cs.zip OSCommand.dll.zip OSCommandTest.spfx.zip
  6. Has anyone written a Simio Step that executes one or more cmd.exe commands? It would be very useful to me for an upcoming project. Thanks, Ricki
  7. rgingalls

    Distribution Functions

    I have had at least 3 models (including 2 active clients) where these functions would have been very helpful. The idea is that the distributions (and expressions that store those distributions) should have functions like: Random.Normal(5,2).Mean, .StdDev, .Var, .Percentile(), etc. where the modeler could use this information for other decision making. For example, I have a current client who is creating new entities based on inventory position over lead-time. The lead time is the inventory target at storage (in days) + the travel time for entities already ordered. The travel time distribution is a TimePath (for example, TimePath1). It would have made the coding much simpler if we could have calculated the lead time dynamically using: DaysInStorage + TimePath1.TravelTime.Mean That would have allowed the modeler to change the TravelTime on the TimePath and the reorder logic should not have to change. Also, I had to build process code to get percentiles on a triangular distribution because Triangular(1,2,3).Percentile(.2) didn't exist. I'm running into more of these issues as we do scheduling applications as well. Thanks, Ricki
  8. What is the significance of using 2 random number streams? If the samples from 1 random number stream is independent, I don't see the reason to use 2 random number streams.
  9. rgingalls

    Fixed write block

    What if I wanted each run to overwrite the output file? What it is doing now is writing output.csv file to: output_Scenario1_Rep1.csv What if I actually wanted to write to the output.csv file? Thanks - Ricki.
  10. Is there anyway to pick an entity color from a list when the entity is created, without putting entities out on the facility view?
  11. rgingalls

    Entity ID

    Is there anyway to call/manipulate a specific entity by using it's ID? Something like: Assign State Variable Name: DesiredSpeed New Value: Entity(ID).DesiredSpeed
  12. rgingalls

    Duplicating Processes?

    Is there anyway to duplicate a processes without rebuilding the entire process. I need to have multiple process that have identical structure but manipulate different states
  13. I am taking my first look at Simio and I noticed that in the Processes panel, you have a drop down menu of 13 processes (OnCreated..., etc.). Since processes are the "methods" in your inheritance scheme, are those the only processes that can be inherited from one class of objects to the next? Can the user define more processes that can be inherited? Thanks, Ricki