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  1. To help speed up a large batch of operations on a model, I would suggest trying the IModel.BulkUpdate routine. It may help. However, batch removals are hard. Our current code path always tries to keep the errors and error window up to date, which means on every deletion we basically notify every object in the model that something was deleted and give it an opportunity to say "Hey, wait! I was referencing that! Now I need to generate an error..." There may be ways to speed up the removal of a majority of objects from a model, but that is something we'd have to schedule internally on our feature backlog.
  2. When we first implemented it, we went with a standard "First Person Shooter" coordinate system, meaning (for a person standing up, looking forward), X was the horizontal on the screen, Y was vertical on the screen, and Z was depth. Of course, if you change your perspective to now "look down" at the world (which is the standard way you start looking at stuff in Simio), those same axis now turn into X being horizontal, Y being depth, and Z being vertical. We certainly could maybe rename and reorder them in the property grid or something to make more sense so maybe instead they maybe look like: Vertical (old X) Horizontal (old Z) Height (old Y) I don't know if that would be more or less confusing for users however.
  3. In general yes, you just have to be careful to make sure you opt-in for all the object updates. So, for example, the Encomenda used in your "greater model" will match the version referenced by the model in the same project as Encomenda, which is also used in the "greater model". If you are doing the updates but still having issues, there may be some corner case we may not be handling correctly, in which case I would send the model and the instructions of what your standard update path is to support@simio.com
  4. If you are using Sprint 86 or later, you can hold down Shift and then click on the Object References... menu item in your model to open the references dialog in a mode that allows you the change the versions it thinks it has. If you do that in your model, and change the "13" to "1" and then do a Check for Updates, it should update to version 12. Note that if you have references to Encomenda in *other* library objects, they ALL need to agree on what version you are using. So let's say: - Encomenda version 1 is used in object A version 1 - Object A version 1 is used in your model - Encomenda version 1 is used in your model Let's say you then make changes to make Encomenda go to version 2. If you then run updates, and *just* pick to update Encomenda (assuming Ecomenda and A were in the same library, both should have gotten versioned up when Encomenda changed), the model will be using version 2, but the A inside it will still be using version 1. When the model tries to pass an Encomenda version 2 to one of it's A instances, you will have a message like you got here. Do you know if your Encomenda object is used (or referenced via an expression) in other objects? If so, are they in the same project as Encomenda?
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