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  1. Hello, I am unable to download any symbols from the internet. Has anyone had this issue? I get the following error message: Unable to import file. Additional Information: This implementation doesn't take advises (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040003 (OLE_E_ADVISENOTSUPPORTED)). I am using Simio version 5.87.10048.22179. My computer's OS is Windows 7 Enterprise. I googled the error and was able to get a patch downloaded, but that didn't work. My IT department also downloaded another patch and that didn't seem to work either. Any input would help. Thanks. Maryam
  2. Thanks for the responses. I was not able to import my floor model as a pdf; Simio did not allow that option, is this as expected? I was able to convert my floor plan to a png file and then was able to import it. But now I run into another problem where I am unable to download any symbols from the internet. I get the following error message: Unable to import file. Additional Information: This implementation does not take advises (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040003 (OLE_E_ADVISENOTSUPPORTED)). I am using Simio version 5.87.10048.22179. Thanks. Maryam
  3. Hi, I understand I can import an Autocad floor plan into Simio and build my simulation model on top of this floor plan so that all my objects and paths will be to scale. I was able to import a floor plan (*.dfx), by using the New Symbol button. I see my floor plan as a symbol, so then I was able to place objects on top of the symbol (i.e. the imported floor plan). Is this the correct way to do it? I don't have the Autocad software, but I was able to import the Autocad drawing as a symbol. Thanks in advance. Maryam
  4. Hi, I have a model with one source and four servers and have my entities line up in one queue until a server is ready to process the entity (similar to SimBits One Queue For Multiple Servers). I have a path from my outputsource to my transfer node where my entities queue up. I have a floor label with stats that update as the model runs. My issue is that the stats in my floor label are dependent on the physical length of the path I drew from outputsource to transfer node; if I have a shorter path, I will have a smaller number of entities in the queue and smaller min, max, average wait times and vice versa for a longer path. Questions: 1. should I be using path or timepath? I can't get timepath to have "Allow Passing" be False, so I assume I cannot use timepath instead of path. But path appears dependent on the physical length of the path drawn. 2. are my floor labels correct? 3. what library function do I use to see all the entities queued up? or if I can't see them all, then at least to have the right stat tallied in my floor label? I have a feeling this is related to path. 4. I also put status pies on my servers; I assumed that since my servers appear to be all working to capacity and I have a very long queue, that I would see the "processing" get to 100% very quickly, which it doesn't. Even when the run is complete, all my servers are still only working at 83% capacity. Why is this? Thanks again for any input. Attached is my model. Maryam queue.spfx
  5. Good morning, I currently have 10 servers processing entities from 2 sources. Now I want to start by having only 3 servers processing, but when a I get a queue of 20 on Path1, then I want to open another server. Essentially, I want to have a certain number of servers opening based on my entities arriving (I'm using a rate table) and queuing up, but then closing once there is no more demand for the servers, like the checkout lines at grocery stores. I would also like to see my average wait time and average number of entities on my Path1 queue in an output table for each 15 minute interval. I read up on the SimBits TallyStatisticsInTable but this shows only the final results when the model has finished its run and WritingToAFile but I was unable to actually see the new file created (I don't actually need to write out to a file, I just need to see the results in a table). I suppose I need to use State Statistic? Thanks again. Maryam test_transfer_node.spfx
  6. Hello, I'm very new to Simio, so my apologies if these questions seem trivial... I have two problems with my model that I can't seem to resolve. The first one is a Simio Runtime error where I follow a similar process to the OneQueueForMultipleServers SimBits. The error message I get is that I didn't set a token, but I didn't think I needed to since the SimBits example didn't and I was able to recreate that model with no problem. My second error is a process time error. I have entities going to a server, but if that server is idle, then I want to send entities from another source to it. I have as Process Time for this server set to: Math.If(Entity == z, Random.Triangular(83, 278, 426), non_pax_info.process_time_primary). The error message I get is that I didn't set a token...? I've attached the file if anyone has ideas. Thanks very much, Maryam test_transfer_node.spfx
  7. Thank you very much. I was able to create a new model with two servers and have my entities queue up in the server1's input buffer. Then I tried to do something similar with three servers where I want server1's input buffer to have entities queue up when server3 is busy. I have server2 in between server1 and server3. I set server2's input and output buffers to 0 and set server1 and server2 and paths as described below. Is this correct, to set the in between server's input and output buffers to 0? Everything seems to work as expected and I get a long queue at server1's input buffer. I also used a rate table with many entities going through. An interesting thing I noticed was that if I change server1 and server2 process times to 3 and 2 seconds respectively and leave server3 process time to the default random.triangular(.1,.2,.3) minutes. I also changed a few selection weights. I barely ever get a queue at server1 input buffer, and when I do, the time in queue is very small. I would have expected a significant queue with the rate table I am using. Does this sound correct? I also ended up getting a Simio error that I ended up sending to Simio, subject [sIMIO EXCEPTION REPORT] from mmashaie. This email includes the model. Thanks again. Your help has been great. Maryam
  8. Hi, I have a few servers and paths in my model. I am trying to queue up my entities in the input buffer of server1 when there are too many entities at server2. I am able to set server2's capacity to 3, but I can't seem to set an inputbuffer capacity to server2. I thought I can set the selection weight on my path to server1 to say math.if(server2.inputbuffer.contents>1,0,1), but that doesn't seem to work. I can't seem to find any SimBits on this either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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