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  1. This is something I have heard others talk about, but never actually got working for myself. Is it possible to reference a file with a dynamic name? I want to write out to a csv file during simulation runs, but the write originates from a submodel. This means that it is called multiple times, meaning that only one of my sub models actually gets to write. What is the easiest way to over come this? And yes, the write must originate from the sub-model.
  2. While an If like Dan suggested but with 30 clauses would certainly be tedious to create, I think you could do it once in a Function, perhaps named StringState that returns the string. Then in all of your objects you simply reference StringState. That's a good work around. I had forgotten about functions in this kind of situation.
  3. I was afraid you would say that. Thanks anyway though. Looking forward to that feature. In my instance, I have a list state of about 30states (last I checked). So this if statement is quite hefty, and a pain to update across all instances of the label.
  4. I just want to make a label that outputs a list string, given a list state number. Similar to the Busy, Transporting, Failed list state types objects have. E.G. Have a label over a vehicle, that says "Transporting" while it is moving, "Failed" when it has failed... etc. The only way I can see how to do it, would be to make my own table, and do a search in it using the resource state number. Will post back if I find it before someone else posts.
  5. Just a word of warning using .simproj (or .xml) files with SVN: if there is a conflict you cannot use the merge capabilities of SVN because the Simio hash will no longer match. Simio will not open the "resolved" file. This limits the usefulness of version control particularly in an environment with multiple developers (or, in my case, an inexperienced SVN user ) Perhaps another reason to allow licensed users the ability to edit/load xml files? Thanks, Adam Yeah that is a good point. We were aware of it, and somewhat frustrated by it. What we were after though is a bette
  6. From what I have seen of it so far, share point is kind of like a wiki, and has some file versioning capabilities too. Thanks for your answer, I will keep u posted on what we eventually do.
  7. We are planning on integrating our models into sharepoint so that people can collaborate and view models. I know there is a html export of the model. Is there anything else we can look at doing?
  8. This is something I have been meaning to implement for a while, and now have finally decided it needs to be done. I have a submodel, and due to the limitations of the software can't transfer it into the submodel and keep the model clean. I followed advice posted here, and have made the submodel seize the worker and send it to a node in the higher level model... while the submodel is in progress. Is there a nice efficient way to have the worker/vehicle (vehicles are the new worker in terms of having all the functionality i require) able to interrupt the submodel and either remember wh
  9. Ah good to hear. A lot of my job revolves around the use of this tool, but I definitely do not envy you for using the tool, during what I can only assume would be its more "rough" stages of development, and having to support multiple users all trying to do weird and wonderful things with the tool... in ways that it probably wasn't intended to be used. I can only see Simio getting better in the near future, and look forward to the new features we will see. Although I was left a little confused with the release of the Enterprise version. Based off of the release notes, the only things
  10. Today I had to do a quick and dirty model in Arena. I just thought I would take this opportunity to do a quick post on my findings. By no means is this a comprehensive analysis of the two tools, but I just felt like sharing my opinion of the two. Being the predecessor to Simio, it is natural to compare the two tools, and even after using Arena for the short amount of time I did... the differences were astounding. I will admit that Simio was my first immersion into the world of using corporate modelling tools. It was a tough journey to get to the stage where I felt comfortable using S
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