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  1. What codec are you guys using for recording your simulations. I only have a few installed, and they either are incompatible, or make 1gb+ movies out of 15secs of simulation.
  2. Thanks Glen. I hope this thread is visible enough for someone who encounters this issue. It might also be worth packing it with future Simio releases and calling it something like ManualReturnRoamedLicense.exe ... or something.
  3. You could make two vehicle groups (in lists), and in your seize block reference a property that points to one of the lists. You could then run an experiment with multiple scenarios where you toggle between the two lists.
  4. @tulach I can understand where you come from completely, as I also experience the time pressures sometimes associated with projects (especially smaller ones). I initially started by jumping head-first into Simio when modelling, but as I have gained more experience with the tool, have been afforded a little extra time now to get a more complete idea of the model before starting. @equaglia Thanks for the share. I will definitely look more into this. It is always nice to look at problems from different angles, and I can definitely see the benefits of using those specific techniques to de
  5. I have always found that a natural part of the design process is to sit down and draw out (maybe in another tool that is better suited for conceptual work) the entire system and interactions you are planning to simulate, before you get cracking at the task in the actual simulation tool (in this case Simio). This allows me to decide which parts of the simulation need to be cut in or out of scope, and gives me a checklist to refer back to at the end to verify the model. For me, this has primarily been using UML-like diagrams in tools like Enterprise Architect (http://www.sparxsystems.c
  6. I often see that the recommended place to install UserExtensions (dlls) is in the the user's documents (i.e. C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions), but I would just like to point out for network admins that installing it to the Simio installation directory works too, and can save having to copy files on login to user directories. Example path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Simio\UserExtensions
  7. I finally got around to testing this, and the immediate restriction I see is that you can only use states and not functions. I.e. TimeNow, or custom math statements.
  8. Great addition! If only this were here a few weeks ago, to save us creating our own... then again ours also auto generates a graph of the data.
  9. I call it cheating because you can't scale it properly. Attached is how I would rectify that (Check out the Parent_Model). Using an entity instead of a server is valid, as it posses functionality we can't get out of the server (heading etc.). While I agree with you about the technicality of the term sub-model, I disagree in your interpretation of its function. Any model that contains a logical flow and is made up of custom logic, that I use within another model, I just call sub-model (for better or worse). The rest I just consider to be part of the provided toolkit. "Sub-
  10. You cheated! It has to be a sub-model lol. I remember spending ages making an excavator sub-model, and now we have a travel step to make lives easier.
  11. This should be a simple answer... hopefully. I remember reading somewhere on the forums something about the global request queue (can't find it again for the life of me), but I can't remember if you can simply just clear it. Was there a way to do this?
  12. Was this created in response to... http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1017 Thanks for the share though.
  13. I haven't done routing using tables, but I have definitely done server based decisions where each server had a row in the table. And things from server properties to parameters used within the server logic were also in the same row. The search step in conjunction with logic that tells you what the parent object you are in is.... works wonders. It is a staple form of modelling for me now. It is far easier to control parameter values from a table, than via the UI. As to the usage of the API... as you might guess... the API is not advanced enough to create or even edit models. All of the mod
  14. While this is achievable, if you are working with resources like transporters, you would need to calculate the math before accepting the seize request. You can't interrupt some steps like: seizes, moves, transfers... if they fail.
  15. I have not looked too deeply at this specific problem for a while (there may be some obvious gotchas I have forgotten), however... have you looked at the Write step, and the bind excel sheet to table? You can bind excel sheets to tables, which will solve the feeding problem, and you can write out to csv files and use macros in the main spreadsheet to suck in that data. I have gone off excel sheet DRIVEN models though. The capability within Simio was just not there in making it easier for users. It is painful having to explain to end-users of models that they need to fix the absolute
  16. You should try and stay up to date with Simio. If this is a licensing difference (I am running Team Edition)... then that is too bad. The following screenshots should show what I did though.
  17. As Dave mentioned, the easiest way is via a property and a delay. Attached is something I mocked up quickly for you. gate_holding.spfx
  18. Thanks for clearing it up. I did a quick forum search and this was the only relevant post I found. I was a bit disappointed in the stance on experiments. I would have thought the ability to run, but not create experiments to be more fair (for Team edition and higher). I guess we are either going to have to drop support for experiments in our team models, or buy an express license.
  19. Very cool. Nice contribution. Before I even use it though, I know I am going to want intellisense. Just to be silly, I took two screenshots of the first thing I did, and probably one of the most common tasks I will be doing. Placing objects according to an expression.
  20. Where do Team licenses fit in? For the first time I was without my team license, and to my horror discovered that you can't run experiments without a license if your model has anything more than: 16steps or 19objects, or 4models. I guess that means you can't distribute a model for "experimentation".
  21. Thanks for the reminder Steve. I sometimes forget the most basic things. I still don't understand why the file element is missing from the menu though. Perhaps because it is a user add-on, in which case we need a user add-on element for properties.
  22. I remember in previous models being able to put a property on a model, in which I could reference a file from a higher level model. Is this possible? I am looking and can't see a file property. I want to be able to write out to a file that is defined in a top level model. Attached is a screenshot of the current element property selections. Also attached is a picture from an old model where I had successfully implemented the file element... but it looks weird now. I then copied that element into a new model and it works. (Screenshots attached) Was this functionalit
  23. Slightly off topic, but I have never seen a model with a dynamic number of servers. Are you spawning servers on initialisation? And if so, should I assume you are using freespace? I make frequent use of dynamic entities and vehicles in freespace, but have never had much luck in terms of servers etc.
  24. Thanks for the share. More options with regards to different failures are always useful! When I see things like these, I just can't help but wonder in what scenarios I could use these... which is probably encouraging me to find problems for solutions.
  25. Found a sub-optimal solution. Have it reference a property, which I then set via the higher level model. Any other solutions?
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