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  1. Hi. Here is one quick solution that you can use for 1st problem. Gerhard_1stProblem.spfx
  2. I have a problem with producing/consuming within my TaskSequence. I need multiple task operation (prepare -> work -> clean -> produce), where I'm also consuming/producing material defined inside my BOM table. When I'm trying to reference material requirements on the BOM table I get an error: "Could not determine the row to use in the referenced table or repeat group ...", references to the processing time and other parameters are working fine. If I set the task sequence reference to the BOM table, then material requirements works OK, but I could not add more than 1 task. I'm using version 15.241.27814 . Best regards, Žan
  3. If anyone is looking for this webinar is on YouTube
  4. If anyone will come to the same problem. In Example3 --> table Delavci --> column Delavec you just need to change the property Auto-set Table Row Reference to "True".
  5. Hi I want to know if there is any possibility to have same schedule table, where you refer to different Table based WorkingSchedules? If you look in attached file you can see Example1, that represent what I need but I don't like this approach because there will be too many tables. Example3 on the other hand is something I want to achieve. Workers_MM.spfx
  6. Hi Steve, here you have one of the solutions. Best regards, Žan Model_Steve.spfx
  7. Hello, I'm working on a project where we want to build a scheduling model. But there is one think that I'm dealing with for a while now. I want to capture mid phase stock. For example if we have part A, which has 5 sequences to be produced. But at previous order we did not push all the parts through production, so now we have some stock on different operations. What I want to achieve is, that when my order come I firstly look at general stock of finished products (OK). If there is not enough stock I want to look at how many parts I have on the stock before last operation, if there is enough I don't want to create new entities but use this stock and produced new parts. If there is not enough parts before last operation we of course look at every previous sequences and if there are still not enough parts only then I want create new manufacturing order and with that new entities. If any of you guys deal with system like that before it will be really helpful. If you haven't but have some idea how to solve this problem, it will also be helpful because I've already tried a lot of options and now I'm stuck. Best regards!
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