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  1. I have a source, called forklift source, that has a varying interarrival time based on the time of day. To do this, I created a time indexed table with the different interarrival times in different rows and the interval period set to one hour. This source also depends on the interarrival time of another source called Newtrucksource, but not on an hourly basis. I am trying to conduct an experiment where the interarrival time of newtrucksource changes with different experiments and a different time indexed interarrival table for source 1 is used for each of these different interarrival times. To do this, I created a real property for newtrucksource's interarrival time and a table property for forkliftsource's time indexed interarrival table. However, I can't get this to work because in the model, the interarrival time property for the forkliftsource must be a "number" and I am referencing a table which comes up as using "string". Trying to find a way to make this work.
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