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  1. This post contains additional files associated with the paper "Agent-base modeling and simulation in Simio" by Thomas Kehl. The additional files include the original paper, an installer for the Simio Agent Library, the Simio Agent Library user extension, and further documentation. These files were created by Thomas Kehl and are not endorsed or supported by Simio LLC. Note also that these files were published with the paper in 2018 and might be out of date. 1585821475_SimioAgentBasedModeling-ThomasKehl.zip
  2. Hello ttarken, A simplified approach might be use a Resource to constrain the system until the required operator is available. If the operator should move with the Crane, a good starting point might be to try seizing a Worker and requesting a move to the pickup Node. Then, you could try using a Move step to move the Worker from the pickup Node to the drop-off Node with the Crane. Please see below a link to a similar post discussing how to use two Cranes to move a single entity. The example model attached to the other post might provide guidance for your application.
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