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  1. Hello ttarken, A simplified approach might be use a Resource to constrain the system until the required operator is available. If the operator should move with the Crane, a good starting point might be to try seizing a Worker and requesting a move to the pickup Node. Then, you could try using a Move step to move the Worker from the pickup Node to the drop-off Node with the Crane. Please see below a link to a similar post discussing how to use two Cranes to move a single entity. The example model attached to the other post might provide guidance for your application.
  2. Based on your problem statement, it sounds like a Task Sequence might fit your needs. Task Sequences allow multiple activities to be performed at a single server, and each task can have different precedence dependencies. Additionally, loopback branches and concurrent processing are both supported. There are multiple Task Precedence Methods, but I would recommend examining either the ‘Immediate Predecessors Method’ or the ‘Immediate Successors Method’. For more information about Task Sequences and their Task Precedence Methods, I recommend checking out the Task Sequences page in the Simio Refer
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