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  1. I was wondering if you could adjust the speed of the animation to simulate speed of 1 hour real time to 10 seconds of animation time (like that type of speed.) I would love to see in 10 seconds of animation the speed representing: 10 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 5 hours 10 hours The speed factor seems to only go by the minimum number of frames to display idle animations which I don't really know how to convert to the timing representations I want.
  2. That was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
  3. I need help on figuring out how to model my logic. I figured it would be easier to explain what I needed on my actual model, hence the picture with all the floor labels. ModelQ2.spfx
  4. I think secondary resources is exactly what I needed. If not, I'll be back to the forum. I'm surprised the model didn't open. ModelForQuestionCOPY5v.3.spfx
  5. Note: WkA and WkB essentially do the same thing, so I'm essentially just explaining WkA on the seizing worker to make things simpler. What needs to happen: I need Wk1 to wait until WkA is at the output node before processing the entity. Then resume movement (to go to input of BPICK) only after the event of Output@APICKRiderWaiting (basically the processing finished; I found it only works when I use the wait for rider waiting). The same thing needs to happen with BPICK. Then Wk1 needs to head back to nRouter. Current State & Problems: Right now it does not wait to pro
  6. I'm having trouble at the interruption step. Yes, I have looked at InterruptibleOperator, InterruptingServerWithMultipleCapacity, InterruptingAcrossMultipleServers. Despite all of that, I still cant figure it out. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entites and drops at respective servers (A/B PICK) and doesn't leave until processed. WorkerA/B stops whatever its doing (though it does not stop if transporting) and is siezed when Worker1 brings the entity to A/B PICK. Worker1 moves on and WorkerA/B does what it needs to. Here's the deal in WorkerA/
  7. I'm having some trouble with worker actions and transfer steps. Below is a picture of my current model. I have also attached the simio file itself. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entities to their respective nodes and leaves them in their respective stations after worker(A/B) "checks them" (I used a delay to simulate this check) and then Worker1 moves on. The worker(A/B) only picks up the entity if needed. So if the worker was with another entity in process (like Srv(A/B)), he would go check the new entity so that worker1 can move on, but would return
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