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  1. That was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
  2. I need help on figuring out how to model my logic. I figured it would be easier to explain what I needed on my actual model, hence the picture with all the floor labels. ModelQ2.spfx
  3. I think secondary resources is exactly what I needed. If not, I'll be back to the forum. I'm surprised the model didn't open. ModelForQuestionCOPY5v.3.spfx
  4. Note: WkA and WkB essentially do the same thing, so I'm essentially just explaining WkA on the seizing worker to make things simpler. What needs to happen: I need Wk1 to wait until WkA is at the output node before processing the entity. Then resume movement (to go to input of BPICK) only after the event of Output@APICKRiderWaiting (basically the processing finished; I found it only works when I use the wait for rider waiting). The same thing needs to happen with BPICK. Then Wk1 needs to head back to nRouter. Current State & Problems: Right now it does not wait to process the entity until WkA/B gets there. I have tried adding that as a row in the events more logic, but it doesn't work. I have also tried putting a Wait step with that as it's event before the other Wait. However, Wk1 still gets to APICK/BPICK and immediately the entity is processed. Wk1 does however work on not moving on until the entity is processed. One problem with that though is that Wk1 does not go back to nRouter after finishing at BPICK. I have tried several things like setting node, but perhaps I didn't have that step in the right place. Both entities have a destination by the way. This next photo is showing the seizing of the worker. The decide and execute steps refer to interrupting processes but all those still include the seizing step you see here. I have also attached my model in case you need to run or see it. It may be hard to follow all the logic on other add-on processes other than the ones I showed you. I have other problems in other areas, but this problem I'm posting about is not that affected by the other problems of the model I think. Though honestly, if you find that you may have a solution or fixes in basic logic to those (because its glaring) then by all means, share them. ((And yes, I have looked at InterruptibleOperator simbit as well as other Interrupting example simbits but am still confused on the whole thing.)) ModelForQuestionCOPY5v.3.spfx Thank you!
  5. I'm having trouble at the interruption step. Yes, I have looked at InterruptibleOperator, InterruptingServerWithMultipleCapacity, InterruptingAcrossMultipleServers. Despite all of that, I still cant figure it out. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entites and drops at respective servers (A/B PICK) and doesn't leave until processed. WorkerA/B stops whatever its doing (though it does not stop if transporting) and is siezed when Worker1 brings the entity to A/B PICK. Worker1 moves on and WorkerA/B does what it needs to. Here's the deal in WorkerA/B areas: The worker stays with an entity at serverA/B. Th worker can be interrupted at that process and go to A/BPICK to process the newer entity. The worker can't work on that newer entity right now because there is already an entity in serverA/B. So the newer entity waits at A/BPICK. At the gluing servers, the workers only have to get the entity into the processing state, but after that can go grab an entity waiting at A/BPICK and start it at serverA/B. Once the gluing process is done, it should be a priority to stop working at serverA/B and go take the entity at end of the gluing server to the sink. Then goes back to working at serverA/B. And the cycle continues. Here's a youtube video of what happens: Here's my add-on processes. I'm only concerned with A path because I can figure out B from A. ^ The idea was to turn the EntA at one of processes that are interrupted to yellow to symbolize the interruption of that entity^ ModelForQuestionCOPY4FORUM.spfx
  6. I'm having some trouble with worker actions and transfer steps. Below is a picture of my current model. I have also attached the simio file itself. What I want to happen: Worker1 carries both entities to their respective nodes and leaves them in their respective stations after worker(A/B) "checks them" (I used a delay to simulate this check) and then Worker1 moves on. The worker(A/B) only picks up the entity if needed. So if the worker was with another entity in process (like Srv(A/B)), he would go check the new entity so that worker1 can move on, but would return to finish out the first entity to the end. My problem: Worker1 doesn't wait for the other workers to check and move on, just puts in station and moves on. I can suspend and resume the processes and get the worker to the (A/B)PICK nodes, but the worker picks the new entity up and starts that. The entity they were working on before just vanishes or something. Then everything becomes a standstill. Lastly, I run into this transfer error so much, and can never figure out exactly what causes it. ModelForQuestionCOPY2.spfx
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