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  1. Thank you for your replying, this SimBit define only one failure in the reliability logic properties(Processing Time Based Failure) and one by using Add-on process logic (Processing Count Based Failure). However, in this model I need to define seven types of failure event (Processing Time Based Failure), and seven type for time to repair only for one server, each failure type has its own failure and repair distribution, is there approach in simio can define this? For example for first server, time to failure and time to repair distribution as follow: Time to Failure: Loglogistic(2.62 , 0.67) , Weibull(208 , 0.62) , Lognormal(152 , 14) , Weibull(7.63 , 1.188) , Exponential(500) , Exponential(597) , Generalized Gamma(0.01 , 0.15) Time to repair: Lognormal(4.45 , 3.69) , Loglogistic(1.37 , 0.26) , Generalized Gamma(0.483 , 0.013) , Weibull(7.2 , 1.8) , Loglogistic(1.37 , 0.26) , Loglogistic(2.1 , 0.1) , Lognormal(6.4 , 4.9)
  2. Hi everyone, In my model, I'm trying to simulate an assembly line that has five machines. First machine needs to define seven types of failure event, and seven type for time to repair, four types of failure for second machine, three types for the third machine, six type for fourth machine and five types of failure for the last machine, each failure event and repair type has its own distribution. However, in the reliability logic properties on the Server only allow for one way to generate failure. How can I model this condition? Any suggestion will be appreciated!
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