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  1. Dear CWatson Is this functionality already available? Or maybe you have another idea, how to solve the following problem?: I'm looking for a solution to use the name of a data table as a state of my entity. I have 3 data tables that contain the same parameters but with different values. In the beginning of the simulation, I need the values from Table1 and after a certain time the values from Table2 and in the end those of Table3. How can I choose a table based on the state of an entity? Alternatively, I could merge the 3 tables to one and use multi
  2. Dear Simio Users I'm modelling a system with 1 source, 1 waiting list, 6 servers and 1 sink. But at the beginning only 3 of the 6 servers are available. As soon as these 3 servers run out of capacity, the remaining 3 servers should "open". Is there a simple solution to start my simulation with an initial stock in the 3 servers and on the waiting list (which is modeled as a storage)? Since the entities have several state variables, I should also be able to define them at the beginning... Or does it make more sense to solve this problem with a process
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