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  1. Hi - My model has a vehicle that is going 'on demand' through a network of paths. It picks up items and people for delivery. I need it to pick up as it sequences other nodes enroute, so each trip is efficient. I am getting errors in my Add On Processes. Once the vehicle is loaded, I define the current capacity as the model capacity minus the loaded entities. And then once the vehicle sequences another node, I'd like it to add entities up to the open number of seats. Could you please take a look? Current.For.spfx
  2. Hi Ryan, Thank you for the corrections. As always, spot-on advice, that is very appreciated. I do have a few follow up questions. - Do I set the Initial Sequence property to 'Sequence1' or do I need to tell it the row too? 'Sequence1.Sequence'? Sequence 1 is working, but just wondering. - In the SimBit, Entity Follows Sequence With Relational Tables, there are three types of Entities that all flow through the same source with the Source Property, Table Row Referencing, pulling from the JobTable with the Row Number 'JobTable.ProductMix.RandomRow.' For my model, I have two differ
  3. Hi Ryan, -The model gets stuck at about an 1 hour into it. Can't get it past the vehicle going back to the 'Bldg,' as seen when I track the vehicle. -The distributions are all random triangular with set parameters in the Sequence1 Table. The idea was that the 35 people/Entities would arrive at the Bldg Source and as Entities the JobsTable would assign a random triangular number of workers to a job and then start ferrying them per the sequence in the Sequence1 Table from the Key Column from the Bldg. The vehicle can carry 6 people but it seems to only carry 4 at a time. Also, th
  4. Hi - I have a vehicle that moves through several servers, one of which is 'LunchBreak;' however, when running the model, the vehicle parks at LunchBreak and the people do not get off and nothing more happens the entire run. Thoughts as to why it gets stuck here?
  5. Thank you for the explanation. Yes, this model has just one bus. When I need to add another, I'll look into the storage. Thank you,
  6. Hi- Is there a good video tutorial on utilizing the Dashboard Reports? Thanks,
  7. Hi Ryan, Yes, there is a sequence table to route the entities and lunch is in the sequence. I'll look at the run time, or reduce other time to ensure there is enough time to get them through. And, thank you for #2, that worked.
  8. Hi - 2 questions: 1. My model has people coming on shift, being transported to various locations, and then ending their shift at the sink near the source. However, I need them to get picked up and have ALL cycled through the lunch break server. Right now, out of the 35 people on shift, only 1 person got lunch, and only 6 people had their end of shift. How do I constrain the server to ensure the vehicle drops everyone at the lunch server and then the EndOfShift? 2. I would like to model 2, 12-hour shifts (each with the 35 people). I need all 35 to show up at the same time. This is my
  9. Ryan, That worked, thank you!
  10. Ryan, Appreciate the tips. Just wondering if I need to add another path or will the entity that balks and walks take the road path that is already in the model when I put an input node in the 'Renege Node Name? Or is the transfer to the input node immediate? Thank you,
  11. Hi- I have symbols of people loaded and a symbol of a truck inside the model and they are also visible on the model background. How to I replace the entity triangle with the people image, and the standard vehicle with the truck? I went to Properties: Vehicle: Animation: Current Symbol: and changed from Vehicle.ResourceState to the Truck but Truck was unrecognized and caused an error.
  12. Thank you for the tip on a time path. Do I change my current paths to have a time path for just the portion that is within the 2 minutes? Is there a way to put a range ring around the pickup location to designate the 2 min range without changing the paths? Or is there a different way to solve it with the Process Map?
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