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  1. Hi All,

    I have a server and I have to write out in a csv whenever the resource state of the server changes like from processing to blocked  or from blocked to processing and so on, I do not have a RPS version. any suggestions to this will be really helpful. Thanks


    1. gocken


      Hi Chandak, 
      from definitions tab add a monitor element (i.e., monitor1) in your model and set its state variable name property to i.e., Server1.ResourceState. Also, from definitions tab include an excelconnect element which is a user defined element. set its excel workbook property as i.e., resource_state.xlsx (create a resource_state.xlsx file in the same folder where your .spfx file will run). In processes tab create a new process i.e., Process 1 and in there place an assign step and an excel write step (from user defined steps). Define a state variable i.e., row_index. in assign step set state variable name property as row_index and set new value property as row_index+1. In excel write step set excelconnect property as ExcelConnect1, set worksheet as "sheet 1" (resource_state.xlsx excel file's sheet name), set row as row_index, leave starting column property as default, and add two items such as "ResourceState" and "Run.TimeNow". at last, select process1 and set triggering event name as Monitor1.Event. 
      also, in order to get different resource states in your excel file you can define a work schedule or a failure mechanism on your server object. Hope it works?  

    2. Unmesh.Chandak


      Dear Gocken,

      Thank you so much for your response. That is really helpful. Appreciate it.



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