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  1. Thanks gocken. By setting up two timers and alternating between them I've managed to stop and start, but with fixed time intervals, whereas the intervals need to be partially random. I attach my attempt. I would appreciate any ideas. Eventually I hope to have a number of such entities, each with different timing, in a processing chain. Development 02.spfx
  2. I want to model a flow mechanism which usually runs at a certain rate but randomly fails and stops for a time before restarting (e.g. a rock crusher in mining). I currently model the "crusher" with a FlowNode and can start and stop it via buttons. I expected to use a monitor on Run.TimeNow with varying intervals to toggle the crusher on/off, but Run.TimeNow is not accepted as a monitor state variable. How should this be handled? (I'm a simulation and Simio newbie.)
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