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  1. Hi everyone For the competition this year, we have to make waves for the warehouse system and Simio has sent us a base model of the wave system (attached below) but I am unsure how to take the base model for the wave system that simio sent us and integrate it with my own model . So currently my shelves are all sources and there's specific weights going from the source to cater for if the item is for future/now, apparel /footwear, case/multi/single and if it's at the top or bottom shelf and the source produces around 30 entities at a time at certain time intervals and the vehicles will pick it up from the node and take it to its specific location.( I calculated all the weights : for example 70 percent of items are footwear and 30 percent are apparel, etc) Can anyone please suggest how I can integrate the wave system into my model ? ( I was thinking of somehow connecting the base model to my sources??) Thanks a lot BaseModel_May2020_StudentCompetition.spfx
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