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  1. In fact, even if I use just two simple nodes without any steps and other objects, it is not possible to create a street route on map, while it was possible until about a month ago. The features of my software are as follows: Version: 12.205.20430 (64bit) License Type: Academic RPS Expiration: 2021 - 06- 30 Best regards, Milad
  2. Hi guys, It’s been a while that I am not able to link two nodes on ArcGIS World Street Map. The error is: “A route could not be created between ‘TransferNode1’ and ‘TransferNode2. Either a route doesn’t exist or the routing service could not be contacted’. I tried different locations, but got the same result. This is while there wasn’t any problem before and the quality of my internet connection is ok. I am wondering what the problem is! Thanks in advance for the answers, Milad
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