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  1. Today, I found this topic talks about updating data in real-time when simulation is running. I thought it could be useful for me in the future so I decided to try it myself. But, when I used the Read/ExcelRead Step, I found it only "read" the external file at the first time: It seems the Read Step creates a copy of the external file at the first read and then it will use the copy for the future reads within the simulation. For example, at the start of my simulation, I used a button to call ExcelRead Step to read a excel file. Then, I manually changed some values in the excel file and I called the ExcelRead Step again. However, the second ExcelRead Step didn't read the changed values.If I want to use the changed values, I need to restart the simulation. For the Write/ExcelWrite Step, only when I stop the simulation, the external file will be updated. If I don't stop the simulation, no matter how many times I call Write/ExcelWrite Step, the external file is not changed. Are these kinds of behavior bugs? Because from the above topic, I think the Read and Write step can update the external file within the simulation. My Simio version is 12.207.20659. Thanks to everyone in advance!
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