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  1. Hi Caleb, Appreciate your effort in providing a reference model. Process Logic approach was useful. Thanks A lot. Regards, Alen
  2. Hi Guys, I have a source producing the entities, which is processed by the server with a worker. server and worker are assigned to work schedule (7Hrs) (12am-7am) arrival model of the server is set to time varying arrival rate. to control the source on holidays. But with current scenario the source is producing the entities on off-shift time. Please help out with a logic, so that source is produces the entities matching to the timings of work schedule. Note: Simulation run is for a period of 1 year. Regards, Alen
  3. HI jeff, is the periodic statistic available with professional edition of simio? Thanks, Alen
  4. Hello, I have a model, that's producing parts (Multiple Parts A,B, C,D) with a server, sever works based on a work schedule and off shift days and holidays and the simulation is run for 1 year. Note: processing time for each part is different i need to extract the number of parts produced each month. Also need to determine the monthly efficiency of server , since some months may have holidays. Please provide a solution to get the dat on a monthly basis.
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