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  1. Solution found: The issue was that when the server is failed, and the entity is still under processing, we need to release both server and the worker. So in the processing step i added a search step for Server1.Processing.Contents and if found, i released both server 1 and the Mainworker. The model is attached. The one with Worker for Repair and worker 2 Working.spfx
  2. I have two workers: mainworker and repairman. There is one server that fails every 10 minutes and repairs every 1 minute after failure. When the serer is failed, mainworker should go to the homenode and repairman should come to the server. When repaired the mainworker should comeback to the server. When I run the model, i get an error unable to release resources because the number of resources seized and satisfying release criteria is only 0. The one with Worker for Repair and worker test.spfx
  3. I also have similar error. I am trying to release worker 2 when the server 1 fails. Please see the attached model The one with Worker for Repair and worker 2.spfx
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