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  1. I am making a model that simulates trucks coming in with a certain amount of pallets. These pallets are transported with the use of forklifts to a sink. The truck arrives at a seperator where the pallets and trucks are seperated. The idea is that multiple forklifts work on one truck when there is only one. But when a second truck arrives one forklift should switch to the new truck. In the current model they work on the same trucks and react when a new truck comes in they unload it but then continue transporting the pallets of the first truck instead of staying with the new truck. So as soon as a forklift unloads a truck I also want it to transport the pallets within it. I think this has to do with the reservation of the vehicle. I already tried a lot of different options but nothing seemed to be working. I uploaded my model as well and I really hope someone could help me with this issue. Thanks in advance! Model1.spfx
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