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  1. Hi, Zan! Many thanks for this. Just tried it and it seems to work just fine. I just have to work out what you did to set it up - but that's for me to do now. Steep learning curve, especially when we have short deadlines!
  2. Please excuse a naive question from a newbie. Building a simulation for material flows in selective mining. Entities, "low_grade" and "high_grade", supplied at different rates by two sources, both go into a server (the mining machine) which passes them to a separator. I want the high_grade entity to go to a processing subsystem, and the low_grade entity to go to backfill (or a waste dump). Do I presume correctly that I should use a Separator for this? If so, how do I set it up to send the two entity types to different destinations ? At present, all seem to be going to the same destination. Instead of having different entities, could I use one entity type and assign grade values according to a probability distribution? If so, how would I then use a separator to send below-cutoff material to backfill?
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