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  1. I have followed the simbit Servers Using Task Sequence with Data Tables Job Shop as it is close to what I want to do. I have a process to model where most of the work is done in 1 physical location. There are 2 problems I am running into: 1) Some tasks once completed should trigger another server to start processing (Ex. when task 4 completes it should trigger tasks c and d and server 2) 2) I have tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4 that can run in parallel. I also have tasks a, b, c and d that can run in parallel. However task 4 needs to complete before c and d can start, 1 has to complete before a can start, and 2 and 3 must complete before b can start. Any suggestions on how to handle these?
  2. I am trying to model a repair process. A major part of this process is the time to get the tools from their storage locations to the machine that needs repair. My thought was to have the tools be modeled as entities that a fork lift or worker has to go grab and bring back to the server. The problem is I need to wait for all those entities to be there before the server can start to process. Then I want to destroy the entities because they aren't actually being processed (only 1 entity would be processed as a representation). Does anyone have a suggestion on how this might be accomplished? Thanks.
  3. I have a subclassed vehicle that I created based on this example. After updating to 197 it doesn't work, anyone else having similar experience? I am trying to recreate my vehicle but when the operator gets to the vehicle, the vehicle disappears and the operator just stands there and nothing else happens.
  4. I have a system with 3 steps. At each step a certain amount of product is process and batched (using a combiner) on to a pallet. I have to assign a sequence table to the member entities and the parent (pallet) entities. However this is resulting in some batches sitting at a combiner because the pallet follows the sequence instead of going to the next batch ready if the pallet is empty. Any thoughts on how to handle this? If there is no call for an empty pallet the pallets could stay where they are or go to a specific location.
  5. Thanks! That got the simulation a little farther. I went back through the example that I found and missed some logic, so I added that. Seems to be working now, I just need to handle the deadlock situations on bidirectional paths and should be good.
  6. I am trying to model forklifts moving around that require a worker to operate. I found this example under SI Shared items and have tried to recreate as best I can. However, my model is complex in that I have multiple workers and forklifts. I want the forklift to choose an available worker. I can get it to work with 1 specific worker, but when I choose from list of operators I get this error: I have tried all the different Travel Mode options. Any ideas on how to correct this?
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