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  1. Additional Information: In the work schedule only some of the resources are going off shift while some are staying on (in this case there are 10 resources scheduled for the shift but 5 take the first lunch break from 1130-1200 while the other 5 resources take a lunch from 1200-1230). How can I suspend processing just for the partial amount of the objects in the shift that own the 5 resources that are "taking lunch"?
  2. Hello, I have selected Suspend Processing in the Off Shift Rule portion of my server modules but when I use a Status Label to indicate the Resource.Capacity.Utilized / Resource.Capacity, it appears as though the resources are not going off shift until after processing the entity in the server calling on the secondary resource. What else do I need to do? I'd like for the Resource to go off shift (and not finish the process) according to the Work Schedule assigned to it and then pick back up the processing of the entity when it gets back on shift. I've looked into several other posts but they seem to be outdated. Thanks!
  3. Wow, that's an incredible help! Thank you so much!
  4. Is it possible to import / tabulate work schedule patterns into Simio from another application such as Excel? (Example: I would like to take a work schedule in excel, create a binding to the excel work schedule, and finally have it automatically upload to Simio.) I can create a binding from excel for a normal table but not work schedules.
  5. Hello, If I have created a list state variable (The list just contains each day of the week. ie: "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", etc...) and I want to assign a new value in a state assignment of the facility to a particular day within the list state variable how can I do this? It seems like I can only reference the List State Variable as a whole but I don't know how to assign values to the contents of the variable.... Thanks!
  6. Additionally, is there a way to return/call the value of the present day (i.e. monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc...) of the simulation in an expression bar?
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea for how to view a resource's utilization according to the day of the week in the pivot grid of an experiment? Currently, my best idea is to just have a status plot in the facility window to illustrate this but I'd prefer to have an average utilization by day of resources in the pivot table. The scenario I'm working with is having "technician" resources that are being seized by server objects to do "maintenance" on the truck entities coming into the maintenance shop. I'd like to see which days of the week are the busiest so I could determine where to schedule new technicians. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Pit-To-Bay Off-Shift Rule Fixed.spfx
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