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  1. Hi everybody! I want to know if it is possible that an entity can change from one server to another if the another server is available and the entity isn't still processing. It means if it is possible that an entity can exit from the input buffer of the first server. Thanks for your help. Best, Albert.
  2. Thanks, Jason. Casually, do you have or recommend some documentation to work with Create process step? Sorry, I don't have a large experience with process. Also in your second suggestion, is it possible to do it variable? It means, the schedules of deadlines are variable, so I just know I have three intervals and de large of interval is constant. I'm really grateful with your help!
  3. Thanks, Jason for your answer and your interest. The situation is the following: I have to receive an order with set amount of entities that must be completed in a specific date and hour, but I need to distribute that order in some intervals before the deadline. It means, If I have an order with 15 entities for November 3 at 8 pm, I could receive 10% of the entities at 7 pm, 50% at 7:30 pm and 40% at 8 pm. So, I have the idea to do an arrival table for the schedule of the order and a rate table for the percentages that I need. And I want to know that is possible in SIMIO to put both in the source? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello, everyone! is it possible to use a Look Up Table and Rate Table to the same time in the source in SIMIO? Let me know if you know a way to do that, please. Thanks for your help!
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