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  1. ok for the names, i will change them. I fixed the thing you writed in the new model, but it doesn't work the same.. Model.spfx
  2. Yes, I need to create a material based on the entities' arriving (each entity has a BOM ) and the entities have to wait in the node untill the production of the material (leather). It seems that the model can't see the process and it doesn't produce the material and it doesn't respect the lead time. Maybe there is a problem with the tokens and the varaibles' assignments.
  3. Hy, tahnk you so much to answer me how can i cahange it?
  4. Hy, i have some problems with my models. I created a worehouse of raw materials (leather) and when i start the run, after 24 or 72 hours, the model gives me this error: Search.matchcondition:invalid operation types of operands must match. Do you know how to manage this error? Thank you so much Model.spfx
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